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Food & Diet

Does your diet need a makeover? Need to know how to eat more healthily? The good news is small nutritional changes can give big results. We've got advice on healthy eating, weight-loss ideas plus the best ways to fuel your body if you are active and training. It's time to lose the spare tyre...

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From running for fitness to charity running to marathon training, we have plenty of running advice, whether you're a running beginner or a competitive racer.

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Health & Wellbeing

Boost your wellness with – we'll give you a helping hand with health and wellbeing advice – physical and psychological. Find inspiration on how to change your life, be more positive, happier and well. Come on, it’s time to be a ‘glass half full’ person.

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Sport & Leisure

Get into sport & leisure. We've got info on many different sports and activities; how to get involved, technique tips and sports quizzes to test your sporting knowledge. It's time to get off the couch and get active so check out all our sports from archery to windsurfing....

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Fitness & Exercise

Get a healthy active lifestyle and improve your motivation for fitness. Find all you need to get fit and stay that way. There's advice on gym workouts, gym equipment, fitness training techniques plus workout ideas for both men and women; go on reach your health and fitness goals.

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Healthy Recipe Ideas

Bored of cooking the same old meals? To maintain a healthy lifestyle you need the right food to fuel your training. Perfect for healthy eating, our recipe ideas are a range of delicious and diet-specific dishes – from breakfast ideas, to healthy snacks, light lunches and nutritious mains.

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Test your healthy active living knowhow. Choose from quizzes to test your knowledge on all aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle including health quizzes, fitness quizzes, plus ways to find out how much you know about stress, sex, sports and more. So kickback and test yourself...

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