10 sex positions for body-conscious days

The ladies’ guide to looking good during sex

Sometimes, no matter how much your man showers you with compliments and drools over your naked body, you just can’t seem to enjoy sexy time when you’re having a body conscious day. Don’t let how you feel about your body turn it into a no-sex night; switch the lights back on and use this intimate guide to sex positions to conquer your body blues.

Sex position to disguise a bloated stomach: Doggy style

The bloated tummy is perhaps one of the most common body hang-ups that women encounter when it comes to sex. The chances are, your lover hasn’t even noticed that your stomach is slightly bloated. If it’s really putting you off though, the doggy style is a good position for disguising it. There are two ways of going about this position; either lie flat on your stomach and let him enter you from a higher angle, or get down on all fours with your man positioned behind you. You can easily adjust the angle to reach your hotspot.

Sex position for when your body concious - bloated stomach

Sex position to disguise jiggly boobs: Reverse cowgirl

Most men love the bouncing boob action when you’re having sex – they find it a real turn-on! Sometimes, though, we worry about big boobs getting in the way or looking too saggy, which makes us lack confidence between the sheets. For the days when you just can’t learn to love your lady lumps, try the reverse cowgirl. Sit on top of your man as if you’re about to do the classic cowgirl position, but spin around so you’re facing away from him. Make the most of this position because it allows you to be in full control; you can go as deep and penetrative or soft and gentle as you like.

Sex position for small boobs: Spooning

Moving from one worry to the polar opposite, some ladies would do anything for bigger breasts and feel they need to hide them away during sex by wearing a bra. This only decreases your sexual pleasure though. Indeed, sex author Debby Herbenick says that exposing your breasts “boosts your comfort level during sex, helping you orgasm more often”. Instead of hiding your boobs, use them to enhance your sexual pleasure. If you’re really not basking in body bravado today, lie on your side and ask him to lie behind you and enter you from the spooning position. You don’t need to lose out on the sexual pleasure of your breasts; he can caress your boobs and other intimate regions from behind you.

Sex position for between waxes: Over the top rush

Having pubic hair in your sexy regions can make you self-conscious if you like it to be smooth and silky.  To combat this problem, try the “over the top rush” position. This involves your man lying on his back with his torso hanging off the edge of the bed and his arms over his head relaxing on the floor. You mount him in a sitting position with your knees bent towards your chest, and hold onto his sides to keep you steady. The possibilities are endless with this position; spin around and do the reverse cowgirl, thrust up and down, or sway your hips from side to side to rub your G-spot.

Sex position to disguise big thighs: On his lap

This is a great one if you’re looking to hide your thighs or your bum and it’s great for showing off your boobs too. Sit on his lap and put your arms around his neck to steady yourself. This position allows him to caress your breasts and other frontal hotspots and you can control the pressure and the direction to reach the area that feels best. For deeper penetration, try leaning back and putting your arms out to support you, then rock back and forth. This position allows you to enjoy deep, penetrative sex while you’re intimately cuddled up face-to-face (or boob-to-face) with your guy.

Sex position for bum issues: The hot hula

Feeling like your bum’s a bit flat? Or too big? The hot hula position is great for hiding your bum when you’re having one of those days because it’s nowhere in his sight. Mount him in the missionary position, put your hands and knees on either side of his torso and then gently swivel your hips back and forth and side to side. These slow, controlled motions allow you to position his manhood exactly where you want it – this is the perfect position for locating your G-spot. Have a long session of slow, intimate sex or vary between gentle movements and some upwards and downwards thrusts.

Sex position to disguise your legs: The intimate tree hug

Hairy legs, cellulite, bruises, chipped toe nail varnish... whatever reason you have for wanting to hide your legs or feet, we’ve got a position for you. Ask your man to stand up with his feet approximately one shoulder width apart and his knees slightly bent. Put your arms around his neck and jump onto him, wrapping your legs tightly around his waist (as if you were climbing a tree). He can support you with his hands on your bum and lower back and if extra support is needed he can stand against the wall.

Sex positions for when your body concious

Sex position to disguise your arms: Sockets

Whether it’s bingo wings or dry skin you’re worried about on your arms, this position has you covered. Start off by lying on your back with your legs spread and your knees bent. Next, ask your partner to lie on his side facing you and to place his leg over yours (if he’s lying on his right hand side, he can slide his right leg under your left leg and vice versa). Gently guide his manhood down and put it inside you before using your legs to thrust forwards and backwards in a rocking motion. As your man will be on his side and you will be using your arms to steady yourself, he won’t be able to get a good view of them. 

Sex position for excess skin: Standing up

If you’ve lost a lot of weight, excess skin can make you feel self-conscious; don’t let this be a lust-buster though. Standing up positions are great for if you have excess skin because a good posture will flatter your body and make your skin look more taut. Pick your favourite standing up sex position and enjoy! 

Sex position for when you just don’t feel pretty: The sure fire

Some days we have a breakout of spots and we just don’t feel pretty. On these days, coming face to face in an intimate embrace with your partner can make you feel self-conscious. While your partner is no doubt attracted to you however you look, you can try a position where you aren’t looking at each other’s faces so closely to make you feel more confident. Ask him to lie on his back with one leg stretched out and the other bent. Straddle his bent leg so you are facing sideways and lower yourself onto him. You can rock back and forth or move up and down – find a position where it feels great for you both.

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