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5 signs your boyfriend loves you

How to tell if your boyfriend loves you

Love is a lot more than extravagant chocolates and fun, moon-lit kisses. Yet how do you know when your boyfriend has fallen for you or if he still thinks ‘The One’ is out there waiting for him? These five signs will help you answer that question and will show you whether your boyfriend really loves you or not.   

Man in love and how to tell if your boyfriend loves you

Sign your boyfriend loves you 1: Boys’ night

Boys’ night is a sacred night for the male of the species and has been central to your man’s existence since he turned 16. Poker is played, beer is drunk and girls are gawked at. Yet, this Friday where was your boyfriend? Was he living it large with the lads, or at home with you, snuggled up in couple heaven? Once your guy bails on boys’ night you know he’s in trouble and that he’s caught a one-way train to Love Town.

Sign your boyfriend loves you 2: He opens up to you  

Recent research has found that after emotional stimulation men’s immune systems and blood pressures take longer to return to their normal states compared to women who have experienced the same emotional stimulation.

Therefore scientists think that men may be reluctant to chat to you about their emotions because it makes them physically vulnerable. So, if your guy decides to tell you about his horrible boss, his rollercoaster relationship with his mother or his feelings of inadequacy when he’s with his friends, he’s not just unloading. It’s a true sign he loves you.

Sign your boyfriend loves you 3: He talks about your future  

If you’re lying in bed, or brushing your teeth, or cooking your dinner and your man suddenly looks dreamy-eyed and asks you how many kids you want, you may as well hang up that sports kit because lady, you aren’t going to be a player for long; your boyfriend loves you. If your man keeps asking you questions about your future as a couple or your hopes and dreams for life, chances are he’s sussing out whether you’re wife material and whether his emotional investment will pay off.

Sign your boyfriend loves you 4: Affection without the sex

When your boyfriend runs his fingers through your hair and tells you that you look hot, you know he’s feeling horny and wants to get it on under the covers. So what does it mean when he runs his fingers through your hair, tells you that you look hot and then leaves the room?

When your guy gives you love and affection and doesn’t want sex it doesn’t mean he’s gone off you or doesn’t find you attractive any more. It means he loves you. You can even start checking his receipts and pockets for an engagement ring if he’s still doing it after six months.  

Sign your boyfriend loves you 5: He asks for your advice

If you need to know whether your boyfriend loves you or whether he thinks of you as another fling, you should pay attention to those times he asks you for advice. When guys are single they become very independent and make lots of decisions for themselves (even if it does mean wearing that terrible T-shirt). However, when men get comfortable in a relationship they give up some of this independence and begin to take on their partners’ views and opinions.

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