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After five years this is my second time marathon. I knew I was guaranteed this year after four years of being rejected in the ballot. The stark realis...

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  • What a Great Day


    Apr2220138:13 p.m.

    Good evening all.

    I am currently sat writing this in my VLM 2013 finishers t-shirt. Happy days!!

    I arrived in London late on Friday after work and went to the expo on the Saturday. The expo was soooo busy but it was a great atmosphere and I really enjoyed walking round the different stalls. We spent some time at the JDRF stall which was the charity I was running for and they let us know how grateful they where for running for them. It put me in a great mindset for the next day. 

    While at the expo I even treated myself to a nice little pre-race massage. I couldn’t find a realbuzz stall though?? Was there one there?

    Running for JDRF was fantastic and I would recommend anyone who gets in to the ballot next year to align themselves with a charity which means something to you. The extra motivation and knowing that you’re running for a great cause is such a great feeling and I will be forever proud of my efforts.

    The big day has come and gone and like everyone out there I can confirm that it was an amazing day and an experience which I will never forget. I managed to get around the course in 4:03:03. It’s not the time I wanted but it’s one which I will happily take.

    The race started off well and I was through the halfway point in 1:46. Despite the heat everything seemed to be going great. However at around mile 18 my hip went. For a couple of months now my hip has been causing problems on the longer runs. From that point on I struggled on and hobbled home with a dramatic drop in pace until the finish line. I’m not going to lie, it was pure agony. Although not the ideal end to the race I am immensely proud of my achievement in getting round the course.

    It was a fantastic day and the crowds were amazing. There were thousands upon thousands of nameless supporters out there willing everyone to carry on to the finish line and inspiring people to continue when things were getting difficult. For this I am eternally grateful and I will never forget.

    I managed to spot a couple of realbuzzers on the day, I saw Dave Vickerstaff (the Archetect on the Run) and I am pretty sure that I spotted Vin.

    I have already decided that I am putting my name back in the ballot for next year. I hope to come back again in 2014 and improve on my time and add another medal to the collection.

    Here’s just a couple of photos from the day.



    I’m not really sure what’s next now. I suppose I better start looking at what event I should sign up to next.

    Until next time happy running!!


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    • gloshawk 'Many congratulations, greg. That's a fab time - it can't have been easy training in a cold winter and then being jumped by a hot day! Well done for pushing on through pain as well. I'm glad to hear that you're typing whilst still wearing your T shirt - maybe it'll need to be surgically removed in a few days' time! I'll join you in the ballot next week, and maybe on the start line next year. Well done again!' added 22nd Apr 2013

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    • hollywooddave 'Well done, fantastic time too!' added 22nd Apr 2013

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    • DaveVickerstaff 'Was nice to see you Greg, such a great day, just so bloody hot! Well done on the time.... It's a PB for you to beat next time! Ps. The JDRF post race massage was excellent, I hope you took full advantage!' added 22nd Apr 2013

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