Couch potato to half marathon in 6 months. by chatterboxmoira


This blog will be used to detail how i go from couch potato to running a half marathon in six short months.  

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  • Goal achieved- Cork City Half Marathon completed


    Jun0520135:10 p.m.

    Ran the Cork City Half marathon on monday- finished with a time of 3 hours, 14 minutes, 51 seconds.  Delighted with myself, but I did get very sick afterwards.

    The day was hot 20C and humid, overcast for most of the time then became sunny when I had 3 miles to go.  Firsty hot day we've had this year.

    I drank plenty of water (500ml between drinks stands), lucozade sport at 2 atands and I availed of the wet sponges.  There was even a girl with a hosepipe that runners ran through (the spray not the pipe, lol).  I can't see what else I could have done.  Any suggestions?

    It actually really spoiled the day, as I couldn't enjoy the party atmosphere going on around me. 

    I ran 12 miles a few weeks ago with no trouble, but it had only been around 12-13C that day and sunny. I did get a bad headache on friday night after a 5k race, but I know I didn't drink eneough. My husband is telling me to give up, if it's gonna make me sick.

    Still, I achieved my goal and have my medal


    Bring on the full marathon, preferably in the winter!!!!

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    • hollywooddave 'Very well done:) it's always harder to run in the heat, especially as we are not used to it!! Seems like you done all the right things you drank to keep yourself hydrated and you cooled yourself down under the water! Onwards and upwards' added 5th Jun 2013

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    • Hope_Mountain_Runner 'Heat really does put a different slant on things, and although you drank, sickness afterwards is one of the 'classic' symptoms of dehydration. Sometimes that lucozade sport can be harsh on the stomach too - especially after you've been on the go a long time. Ignore your husband though. If you were my wife, I'd be nothing but proud of you for doing the training, and then getting the job done and earning that medal - I wouldn't be making negative suggestions. In fact - I wish my wife would get out and do what you have just done! Then again, her thing is dressage and show jumping, and agility with the dog, and I am very proud of the way she goes about her business with those things. You've done really well I reckon, 'cause in heat like that, you were up against it, well done, and show that medal off proudly :-)' added 5th Jun 2013

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Yes well done Moira, especially in the heat & you kept going. ! Sounds a little like heat stroke you suffered possibly. I've been ill before running a marathon in very hot conditions & I can only go on my experience, I always wear a cap now a white one is reflective, keeps the sun off my balding nut (not a problem for you!)& shades my eyes I have a light meal / breakfast at least two hours before the race & I hydrate little & often throughout but not like it leaves me sloshing around. If I feel sick I walk till I can run & I go nice & easy then on. You seem to have done the right things in the race & it can only take practice. The great thing is you hunger for more & don't listen to him indoors : ) Great stuff !' added 5th Jun 2013

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    • oggie 'you were fab ,yea it was hot , you done yourself proud , what a b/full medal there , i think you could be looking at the dublin marathon maybe if so i really wish you good training for it , cheers for now from oggie ' added 5th Jun 2013

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