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A season of reinvention.  Finding my way back to health, wellness and hope one breath at a time; one foot in front of the other by running and wr...

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  • What WAS I thinking?!?


    May1620132:37 p.m.

    After everything I have read here and elsewhere about the the letdown after... well.  Yes.  IT smacked me upside the head this past few days and now London feels like a distant memory.  That emotion ruined my run on Tuesday and it became more of a WOG than a run and I found how little grace I really have for myself.  Hum.  Too telling is it not?  But I did find a bit of redeeming grace and humor yesterday in BOOTCAMP.. Now this bootcamp seriously gives me flashbacks.. flashbacks to when I was ACTUALLY in bootcamp!! (the instructor wears an ARMY baseball cap)!! Keep in mind that this was 3 kids, 70 pounds lighter and oh... 27 YEARS AGO!!!  At one point I was reminded that my 49 year old self MUST BE BARKNG MAD!! But I kept up and purposed to use correct form and give it my all (and just in week 2 I can see improvement in my running speed when I am not beating myself up on a bad day).  It is getting a tad better (at least today I do not make noise each time I stand up or sit down because my total body is screaming in agony from the workouts.. PROGRESS)!!

    I am not sure what goals lie ahead, I am not too sure what really comes next.  I just know I will keep moving, keep trying... and finding grace for myself again.


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