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  • stiff little shoulders


    Dec1020124:26 p.m.

    Did my longest ever run today, 15.43 miles! Really enjoyed most of it untill about the last couple of miles which were quite tough on my very tired legs, was a moment when i had to stop to cross a road & thought i may not actually be able to start off running again!! did the run in 2 hrs 30 mins. Must say that the thought of adding another 11 miles on top of that distance almost blows my mind! :-)

    Im really suffering with my shoulders/back when im on a long run, right in the middle of my shoulder blades gets really sore & i have to keep trying to stretch out my shoulders & neck whilst running (which must look interesting to passing car drivers) im really trying to keep a good posture while running, dont think i slouch but must be something in my running style thats causing this problem. towards the end of todays run i was in alot of pain with it so goodness knows what it would feel like after 26 miles! Im thinking of maybe getting a massage... anyone know what exactly a 'sports massage' is, whats the difference between this and a regular massage?

    (still stuck on £200 sponsorship money aswell!!)

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    • Nervous1stMarathon 'Well done! 15.43m is great - I did 15m this weekend and agree that the last couple weren't great, but it's the furthest I've ever run, so hopefully once we start going further, miles 13-15 will get better. Sports massage I think is just more intense and more about working the muscles than nice and relaxing...but they're great for tired muscles. ' added 10th Dec 2012

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    • lizzyjacko 'thanks and well done on your 15mile run!' added 11th Dec 2012

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