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Im starting this blog in that hope, that it will spur me on through the rain and the snow and the pain and the tears of training, and get me over that...

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  • I did it :)


    Apr2320139:15 p.m.

    Hello my amazing readers!!

    It's been 2 days and I'm still in a state of complete euphoria!! Sunday was one of the best days off my life, but lets give the rundown as that what others have done. 

    my weekend began on Friday when the nerves began to kick in, I blacked everything I would need for the weekend and tried to distract myself with some TV! It didn't work and Friday night I got very little sleep! the next morning I was up early and got ready my boyfriend drove me to the station and it was great knowing that he would be driving to London with everything later in the day and that I just needed to head over to the expo and enjoy it! Once I had registered at the expo I enjoyed everything out had to offer before meeting up with may mum and dad who had just got the train down from Liverpool. We headed to there hotel and then off to see a matinee of War Horse to use up some of thoh afternoon! It was totally amazing and was a great way to keep my mind off my nerves. We then met up with my boyfriend and we all went to dinner (lots of pasta) and then means my boyfriend headed to his friends where I was stayiduras she lived in Blackheath. 

    Sunday morning appeared as if by magic and I began to get ready. My boyfriend walked me to red start and I was so glad to have him there he helped keep me calm and made sure I stayed positive! When I had to enter the red start area with out him I felt a little emotional, I didn't want to have to do this on my own, I wanted someone there to hold my hand and make it ok! So it really helped that my boyfriend turned to me and said "go find a friend, I want to hear about all the people you meet at the start when you cross the finish line" so that's what I did. I walked in started to get ready and got chatting to anyone who was around me. It was a great atmosphere and I met some lovely people with amazing stories.

    the start of the race crept up on me and we were soon standing in the pens and waitinto for the half minute silence for Boston, I have never heard so many people be so quiet and then the cheer after the second whistle was so loud, it made my heart swel and then we were off! 

    It took 25 mins for me to cross the start line and just as I read the sign "good luck - see you at the finish" I set my mind and focused on what I had to do. I knew I would be slow but I didn't care, I just wanted to finish. The crowd was better than I could ever imagine so many people cheering my name and showing support, it was better than I ever dreamed of. It was hot but I didn't mind so much as it brought out the spectators. I think I managed to high five half of londons children, I wore Minnie Mouse ears so that got a few extra shouts from the Kids. My boyfriend and his friends were these at the 1 mile point and I waved. I soaked in all of the crowds and loved every second. My mum and dad were waiting at 13 and gave me huge cheers as they saw me, gave me the boost I needed, I then put my head down as this was the hard part,my boyfriend was at 15, 18, and 19 a quick kiss at the last point and I knew I would see him at the finish. Mum and dad were at 22 but it was a long 3 miles to reach them, i was getting really tired and was thankful for a Gel I had as it cleared my head. Once I reached my mum and dad it was freaky fun they walked along with me for the next 4.5 miles and gave me the support I needed to push on, my mileage was pretty consistency but I was so tired that I needed to stay focus. The last 1km was the longest and I managed to run the final 200m to the finish, as soon as I crossed the line I burst in to tears, I was so proud of myself, I couldn't belifinish had done it. With a time of 7:19:10 I had achieved something amazing! A hug from may mum and boyfriend at the end was exactly what I needed as we then slowly hobbled back to our hotel. 

    Now I'm a little achey but its nothing compared to how i thought it would be. My blisters are pretty bad but I now don't need to take any painkillers to ease the aches and pains. 

    it still hasn't quite sunk in and i keep putting my medal on and smiling to myself. 

    So well done everyone and thanks for an amazing year of blogs and support, it's been a years I will never forget but I a definitely hanging up my running shoes,this is my first and last marathon but I wouldn't change it for the world!!! 


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    • Runwithroxy 'Well done Rachel- amazing effort . Jane is tearing up again reading everyone stories ' added 23rd Apr 2013

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    • sarahlouiseevans 'You definitely did it, well done you! And a lovely blog, made fab reading and gave me goosebumps hearing about your experience and the support of your family :)' added 23rd Apr 2013

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    • LeightonSean 'Rachael that was a great blog - so glad you made it to the finish . Your family must be so proud of you . Congratulations , you did it and you have the medal to prove it - forever . Take care' added 23rd Apr 2013

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    • fudge29 'Well Done Rachael. Great to read xx' added 23rd Apr 2013

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    • hollywooddave 'fantastic effort:) you smashed it!! keep looking and smiling at that medal as you've just completed something amazing!!onwards and upwards!' added 24th Apr 2013

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    • snoflake 'Very well done Rachael, such determination, it's brilliant to have family and friends on route to give you a boost! You're now a Marathon runner!!!' added 24th Apr 2013

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    • Vin 'Well done Rachel, well done indeed. I hang my medal in the kitchen, as that's the place where we are most, eye level. On dark days it's like a beacon shining. Keep hold of that medal and get it engraved. I will get mine engraved for sure. This year's medal was well earned.' added 24th Apr 2013

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    • DaveVickerstaff 'Great achievement and fab blog. Awesome that your bf and parents cold get to multiple parts of the course to give you a boost!' added 25th Apr 2013

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    • Legendlauwah 'Really well done, you have achieved what a lot of people couldn't do physically or mentally you should be very proud, wear that medal as much as you can!' added 29th Apr 2013

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