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Welcome to my blog  I started blogging on this site when training for the Flora London Marathon in 2007.  I kept blogging while training for...

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  • Still here...and still training



    Well in spite of my best intentions, I've only managed about 2/3 of my workouts on a regular basis.  But, I'm hanging in there.  Today I managed a 2,800 yd swim in the pool and finally found a breathing pattern!  Yesterday was a long bike ride on Key Biscayne with a few bridges, some stiff headwind and tailwind, and nice cool weather.  I have to confess that I haven't been doing much Riverdance or other plyometrics lately, but I've been pretty good about spin class, and the elliptical is allowing me to "run" without stressing my achilles. 

    Turns out my arm tingling is a confirmed diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome - one of the hazards of a desk job and a lot of biking!  The recommended treatment is wearing a wrist brace at night - pretty simple!  So I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

    In the meantime, planning on a LOT of exercise this week.  I'll try to check in soon.

    Andaz - keep up the hard work - I need you to keep at it because it really inspires me!  You never say it's too late or work got in the way or you don't have time, and I try to remember that when I'm coming up with excuses for why NOT to train.  So thanks for the kick in the a$#e.

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