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I am hopeless when it comes to controlling my breathing while running. Can someone pease give me some tips? 

Posted 16.12.12, 5:32pm


Your body wants more oxygen so you breathe harder and faster, it's meant to be like that.

There are loads of people and theories out there saying "try to...." - I think that's all b******t myself, breathing is automatic, not something else to be worrying about.

If you really want to feel yourself getting a proper good lungfull though, as daft as it may sound, the thing to concentrate on is exhaling. Forcefully blow all the dirty air out of your lungs, and they'll automatically fill up with a nice big dose of fresh stuff, and because you emptied them, it takes a bit longer to re-fill, your breathing will feel more controlled.

If that sounds a bit too simplistic, the lateral-thoracic breathing they teach in a good Pilates class transitions well into your running. You could also try counting your breaths - in for 3 out for 3 or something like that.

Posted 16.12.12, 11:14pm

That sounds like good advice Rob! Will take this on board next time I run as I struggle getting my breathing right too.

Posted 17.12.12, 11:41am

Hi Folks , ive just joined this realbuzz to get tips on training and eating the proper foods etc , and i am also training for my 1st london marathon in april , would like to hear from a few peeps on some guide lines on the above


Posted 17.12.12, 12:48pm

I agree with Rob - I said it on another post about breathing...I try to time my footfall with my breathing and have a kind of mantra "Two in, two out"......two steps to two in and 2 steps to two out. Everyone will have their own rhytmn but it does help. Also is good to get used to not having music or your pace and breathing could get out of beat......BUT......breathing is a natural thing so will happen. I also like to get a good old lungfull as soon as possible - right up to lung capacity and once I've settled down and got that, the rest falls quite naturally into place with no effort...usually !! Laughing

Posted 18.12.12, 10:08am

Lots of people have developed bad habits with breathing in our culture (as with posture, movement and everything else...) - try 'crocodile breathing' (google it). It's a simple yoga drill to help.

Posted 18.12.12, 11:06am

I've always used 7 11 breathing mainly in relaxtion but it's really good and helps me de-stress and calm down.  You breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 11

Posted 19.12.12, 4:39pm

I've never heard of 7 11 breathing, might try this next time I need to de-stress!

Posted 20.12.12, 11:14am

yeah Hannah you definitely should, it's supposed to balance something in your brain and calm you down.  It's worked for me so far.  Especially when you breathe in for so long it makes you feel like you've really filled your lungs, it feels healthy :)

Posted 22.12.12, 12:51pm

Sounds great. I get quite stressed a lot so anything that can calm me down easily is good :)

Posted 25.12.12, 12:07pm

My breathing when running is terrible, I definitely need to work on it. I think I'll try crocodile breathing first because it sounds cool Cool

Posted 30.12.12, 2:39pm

Im a funny one, my breathing is terrible for first 3-4 miles (look like the most unhealthy runner of all time) then it just seems to kick in! i try to get my breaths when travelling downhill as its so hard to control your breathing when going uphill!.

Also try to think about things other than breathing when running if that makes sense! if you concentrate on something too much i think it will tire you out.

the more experience you get at running and the fitter you become this will all get easier for youSmile

Posted 09.01.13, 10:43am

I do something similar. By the end of my run I'm breathing relatively normally. I wonder if the pace slows down or if we relax more?

Posted 10.01.13, 4:53pm

Ive been told that i have a much bigger left hand side of my heart than the right! the specialist said that it would take 15-20 mins of exercise for the heart to start working together! maybe this is why i struggle at the start of runs and slowly get into gear!

if you see a bumbling ,breathless, struggling ,17 stone bruiser at the start of the marathon dont panic! ill be ok by mile 3 lol


Posted 11.01.13, 4:09pm

oh dear! At least you eventually get into it, it could never work together and then you'd really struggle!  Did you get checked out before you ran and found out that way, or have you always known?

Posted 15.01.13, 9:04am

hi sporting,i had a very  slight heart attack about 7 years ago,once they found this out i had all sorts of tests done! this is when it showed up,i was on the treadmill at the specialists with tubes and wires sticking out of everywhere lol!

i think a few people may have a similar problem but have never been tested for it.

Posted 15.01.13, 7:08pm

Gosh, this sounds really scary. It's admirable that you still exercise. It makes sense, though, that your heart needs to warm up first before your steady breathing kicks in!

Posted 16.01.13, 10:04am

Hi Beth, it was scary at the time but luckily it was the mildest heart attack of all time! Made me change my life a bit though and exercise helps the heart alot.on countless tablets to control the problem but you get used to taking them!

if anyone has the slightest problem regards palpitations of the heart or major trouble breathing then go and see your doctor to get it sorted.

all the best


Posted 16.01.13, 10:36am

Blimey, I bet it was so scary! Glad you're okay now. So can people who have mild heart attacks do heavy exercise?

Posted 17.01.13, 3:14pm

hi cesca

i was told because my heart attack was so mild and they have everything under control now then exercise will do the heart good.must be honest i havent told them about running the marathon but im sure it will be ok!


Posted 17.01.13, 4:13pm