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Hi, I am looking to buy a GPS watch to help with my running.There are just so many out there it is difficult to narrow it down. Does anybody have any recommendations. Is it worth paying the extra for the Garmin 610 ? or do you get all you need with the Garmin forerunner 210 ? The more I read the more confused I get, any advice people ?

Posted 03.03.12, 6:43pm

Just traded up to the Garmin 910XT - it is amazing. If you might do a triathlon sometime then invest in one. Full review at DCRainmaker.Com

Posted 03.03.12, 7:06pm

Google the reviews, there are plenty of you tube clips that spell out the differences in the Garmin series. I have just bought the 610 off the net for £250

Posted 13.03.12, 4:20am