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Can anyone suggest where to get a good pair of running gloves from? Will any cloves do - or do they need to be made from a certain material etc?

Posted 08.12.11, 2:59pm

I really need to get a pair, I really suffer from cold hands when I am running and cycling and at the moment I am using a wool pair, not ideal when it's raining.



Posted 12.12.11, 11:57am

I did a half marathon on Sunday in a pair I picked up for about £6 which usually work well, although it hammered down all day and by the end of the race I'd pretty much lost the feeling in my thumbs, so if anyone's got a pair they'd suggest to wear when it's cold and windy it'd be much appreciated.

Posted 05.03.12, 12:04pm

I got given a pair of Pearl Izumi gloves - technically they are cycling gloves, but they have grips on them which is brilliant in wet weather if I have a drinks bottle. They are fleecy material but waterproof and brilliantly warm. Admittedly they got sent to me from the US but I know some of their range is available over here.

I know Sweatshop have a great range online of running gloves, too. Alternatively, check out



Posted 07.03.12, 10:10am

sweatshop do have a good range. Those gloves sound great, may have to invest

Posted 08.03.12, 5:11pm

Thanks both, will have a look for them this weekend.

Posted 09.03.12, 10:24am