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I've a perfectly good Mountain Bike sat in the garage doing nothing and am not at all a confident cyclist.

I've been looking at Turbo Trainers as I'd be quite happy sat cycling in the house - especially in this terrible weather we are having.


I don't want to pay too much but don't want rubbish either - anyone any advice on what to get and where from?

Wiggle looks a decent site

Posted 27.12.12, 6:36pm

Don't get a turbo, get some rollers. I know you said you're not confident, so they may seem a bit daunting, but the curse is equally the blessing - once you've got the hang of staying on them, you'll handle anything the roads can throw at you Smile

The hardest bit is getting on, set yourself up near a wall, and you can keep a hand on the wall until you're pedalling and balanced, and reverse the process for getting off. 

Posted 27.12.12, 10:03pm