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I tend to get mine from M&S too - I find they are good and wash and lats well. 

And no Flanker - pictures are not permitted

Posted 29.11.11, 3:44pm

I am yet to try one, but with going to aerobic classes I think I should invest.

Posted 30.11.11, 10:58am

Yeah probably best to get one for aerobics with all that jumping around!

Posted 01.12.11, 12:20pm

Is it true that it can damage your breasts and tear ligaments by not wearing a sports bra during exercise?

Posted 02.12.11, 2:05pm

If you're wearing a bra that's supportive enough then it doesn't specifically need to be a sports bra. If you're fairy small chested you can get away with normal comfortable bras as long as there isn't bouncing but sports bras are generally better for exercise. That's what they're designed for. Inadequate support will cause stretching of the ligaments and soreness, so over time you will be doing some damage if the force is high enough.

Shock absorber all the way for me, I used to wear a normal bra and sports bra over the top before I found them!

Posted 03.12.11, 4:34pm

I get eczema so I think all that layering as well as getting hot and sweaty would make me feel really uncomfortable. I might try a shock absorber one though, how much are they?

Posted 05.12.11, 9:38am

Mine was between £20 - £25 I think - well worth it.

Posted 06.12.11, 10:14am

Oh really? That's more than I thought to be honest. I normally only spend about £5 on normal bras!

Posted 07.12.11, 11:21am

I would recommend going to a specialist bra shop and getting measured.  I've always worn sports bras and have tried numerous brands (M&S, Shock Absorber, Nike etc) but when I started training for a half marathon last year I found that none of the ones I already had were quite up to the miles!  I ended up going to Bravissimo on a friends recommendation and they 'measured' me as a completely different size (lets just say I went up several cup sizes) and I left there with a Freya Sports bra that made a huge difference.  I've used Freya ever since and would definitely recommend them (and Bravissimo!).

Posted 24.12.11, 1:55pm

I think my Shock Absorber is pretty good, but might have to give Freya a try when it needs replacing.

Posted 28.12.11, 1:40pm

Has anyone tried the Freya sports bras?

Posted 13.01.12, 1:45pm

I think I may have washed my shock absorber too much, as it doesn't seem to be working as well - not good! I went out to look for a new one though, and found a much better one. It's a padded one by Panache and it's AMAZING! I think it's the most support I've ever had and it gives a really nice shape.


Posted 07.02.12, 10:32am