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I am looking for a new pair of training shoes that will cover me for running (mainly treadmill) but mainly offer support for classes like Les Mills Attack/Combat too. I have looked at The Nike Air Max Fusion but wanted to see if anyone had other suggestions?

Also I am kinda flat and heavy footed!

Thanks everyone! 

Posted 10.04.13, 8:33am

Have you seen the new adidas 'Boost' ones - they look pretty good!

Posted 11.04.13, 11:17am

Quoted from Carly_A:

Have you seen the new adidas 'Boost' ones - they look pretty good!

What are these like? I haven't heard of them.

Posted 11.04.13, 11:27am

They have some sort of bounce / cushion support I think. Not sure how good the shoe is but the advert is good!

Posted 12.04.13, 5:28pm

I've brought the Boost shoes. I thought they would be brilliant as I land hard on my feet and the cusioning does take a beating.

Only problem is I brought them online and I found they felt small, especially across the top. I now am using my older Nike shoes for long distance as they feel much better and will wear them for VLM this year.

If you do opt to get the Addidas ones i would recommend going into a shop and trying them out first.

Good luck

Posted 13.04.13, 11:08am

I went for the Brooks Glycerin 10s and they are so good - amazing compared to my other pair. I did a class in them yesterday and had so much support. Happy Feet!

Posted 14.04.13, 8:12am

Excellent news - it's great you find the perfect pair!

Posted 14.04.13, 8:15am

There's nothing worse than trainers that rub when youre running or ones that feel flimsy during a class. I think for a decent pair you need to spend upwards of £60 but this is way out of my budget!

Posted 15.04.13, 2:25pm

I should probably put more thought into my trainers, but I'm always just like "Oh, those look OK, they'll do!" I only wear them for short runs though; I mainly exercise in bare feet at home!

Posted 16.04.13, 10:27am

I am thinking about how much use they are getting at the moment - several classes a week and I am also doing interval training of the treadmill too. Might need a new pair quicker than the 500 mile rule.

Posted 05.05.13, 8:11am

I've always ran in someone else's running shoes... I don't actually own any! How bad is that, they don't even fit my feet properly.  Thankfully I do not run anymore and I'm going for a swim/pilates angle instead

Posted 07.05.13, 3:54pm

Haha that must be hard to run in shoes that don't fit Smile Swimming and pilates sound more my kind of thing too, and they don't require any expensive kit which is good!

Posted 08.05.13, 11:15am

Yep, just a nice and comfy mat for Pilates :-) For swimming, I first bought a cheaper cozzie and swim cap but then just had to invest in a more expensive version of each not long after as they didn't do the distance. Now it's Speedo & Adidas all the way :-)

Posted 09.05.13, 9:48am

Really? I never think there's much of a difference with cheap or expensive swimming costumes, but I don't swim that much so don't really know!

Posted 10.05.13, 10:30am

I'm not much of a swimmer either, but I know that cheap googles are horrible! I hate getting chlorine eyes

Posted 14.05.13, 4:09pm

Yeah that's horrible getting chlorine in your eyes! Worse when it goes up your nose though! I've never worn goggles for swimming though, I just try to keep my head out the water - which is perhaps not the best swimming technique! Smile

Posted 16.05.13, 11:36am

Try sports direct for trainers - particularly useful if you know what type of trainer you're looking for, but you will get last seasons perfectly good trainers for a much reduced price.

I have a 5* chlorine resistant swimming costume, I'm not sure if the rating is relevant but it's still going strong 6 years down the line. It hasn't faded or torn with persistant use (admittedly not so much now) and it wasn't hugely expensive from what I remember. I use goggles and earplugs but not a nose clip. I don't mind the water going up my nose Undecided I only swim with my head down to avoid the neck ache.

Posted 16.05.13, 6:51pm

I think I'd feel a bit embarrassed wearing a nose clip, although I'm sure no one would even look given the fact I was in a swimming pool and that's pretty normal! I used to want to wear earplugs when I was a kid as I got really bad earache a lot when I swam, with the water going in, but I thought it might make it difficult to listen out for instructions from teachers!

Going back to the original subject, that's a good tip for the trainers, that's definitely worth going for last season's trainers if they're reduced - I don't really care if my trainers are last season!

Posted 17.05.13, 10:25am

No, as far as sportswear goes I wouldn't even know what was in season or out! are there massive trends in sports clothes do you think?

Posted 24.05.13, 5:08pm

If there are I bet only personal trainers and athletes know about them, and really dedicated exercisers! I wouldn't have a clue about trends!

Posted 28.05.13, 11:28am