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I always struggle when it comes to making pancakes. Burnt/undercooked/mis-shaped... I prefer making the American style/drop scone type (i.e. the less flat version) but has anyone got any tips for me?

Posted 02.11.12, 10:43am

I found this tip for pancakes: First, combine dry ingredients thoroughly, breaking up lumps either by sifting them together or by stirring them well with a whisk. Next, combine all the wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Don't skip this step.

Posted 03.11.12, 8:04am

Keep the frying pan on a low heat.

When the heat is high it cooks the bottom but leaves the top sloppy which means you can't turn it when you need to, which results in burning.

Tefal frying pans with that red circle in the middle are also amazing for pancakes ( but Im not suggesting you get one just for them. A good non stick is a plus though.

Posted 04.11.12, 11:24pm

Great tips, thanks both! Hopefully this weekend they'll go a bit more to plan...

Posted 05.11.12, 9:07am

Good tips. I like making the drop scone type ones too - they're really nice.

Posted 06.11.12, 1:23pm

I've never made them have to give them a go

Posted 07.11.12, 5:31pm

They're really good. I've made healthy ones too with wheat-free flour and replacing the sugar (which is often in the American style ones) with cooked and mashed up apple. Sounds weird but it was really nice!

Posted 08.11.12, 9:07am

My friend made some gluten free ones last weekend (is that just without the wheat?) - they didn't really taste of much and were a little rubbery...

Posted 09.11.12, 8:52am

I've never made the batter with sugar, but I do put sugar on them so I have to limit how often I make them!! I make my batter the same way I do yorkshire puddings (1 large egg, 1 cup flour, 1 cup milk ratio).

I use a piece of kitchen paper to wipe a tiny amount of oil around the pan (it's mostly non-stick, but not completely reliable) and heat until it's scorching hot. I use the hot pan method.

My frying pan is about 10ish inches and 1 ladleful of batter makes for perfect pancakes. I just quickly roll the batter around the pan evenly and it makes a perfect thin layer that cooks quickly. The lightly oiled pan makes it easy to flip the pancake when it starts to pull in at the edges and come loose at the bottom (shake the pan a bit to loosen it) and another 30 seconds on the other side cooks it through. I've never burnt my pancakes and they always turn out perfectly.

I'm also a wimp and flip them with a spatula. Epic fail every time I try the traditional flipping method!

Posted 10.11.12, 4:23pm

Mmm I could eat pancakes now!

Posted 11.11.12, 9:47am