Homemade Nakd/Lara bars

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Looking at Nakd/Lara bars you can see the ingredients are mostly Dates (to hold them all together) and nuts/berrys. I thought it must be easy to make your own? Searched google and found a whole range of people who made their own.

Here are a load I found:





Chocolate Orange



Pretty much just need a food processor to make these and throw in any ingredients you like Smile


Posted 10.02.13, 4:47pm

The Rawtarians chocolate brownie is basically like a Nakd bar and it tastes REALLY good. Soft dates, pecans, cocoa powder, dried coconut and a bit of honey. They are really tasty and you just have to chuck everything in a food processor.

I make them from time to time, decent soft dates and pecans are quite pricey though! Might give your chocolate orange one a go next time, yum!

Posted 10.02.13, 8:19pm

Oh wow, now these sound really good! All my favourite flavours Smile Luckily I am doing the food shop after work so I will buy the ingredients and make these this week. Mmm. Thanks for the tip!

Posted 11.02.13, 9:46am

These sound great!

What are Lara bars? I've never heard of them.

Posted 12.02.13, 12:08pm

I think they are the American (or Canadian?) eqivalent of Nakd bars. So basically the same thing.

Posted 12.02.13, 7:11pm

Oh I see, thanks GoneFishin! Thought I was missing out on something new then Smile

Posted 13.02.13, 9:44am

I've been basically making my own now and adding in whatever I fancy. I also discovered you can substitute dates for apricot (I used dried) and they'll hold ingredients together just as well Smile

Posted 14.02.13, 1:16pm

Do you have to soak them first? I find dried apricots quite bitter sometimes, I wouldn't have thought to try them.

Posted 14.02.13, 3:09pm

I can only eat a few dried apricots before my stomach starts to hurt! They are tasty though - especially chopped up in chocolate fridge cake (mmm, naughty but nice!).

Posted 15.02.13, 1:57pm

No I didn't soak them at all :)

Posted 15.02.13, 8:58pm

They all sound great rubypout - looking forward to making them (well attempting to!).

Posted 16.02.13, 8:11am

mmm these sound so tasty and healthy!

Posted 10.04.13, 10:59am

I've kept meaning to try these recipes but haven't got round to it yet! I really want to try the chocolate orange one.

Posted 11.04.13, 11:01am

Me too - completely forgot to try - haven't had a nakd bar in ages!

Posted 04.05.13, 12:52pm

I had a nakd bar for the first time in ages the other day. They have some new flavours with added soya crunchy bits which are nice. Also the new-ish rhubarb and custard one is lovely!

Posted 06.05.13, 9:24am

I love Nakd bars - they satisfy my sugar cravings but I don't have to feel guilty afterwards as they're full of goodies. I bought the new rhubarb and custard one but I'm yet to sample it!

Posted 07.05.13, 11:15am

I think the rhubarb and custard one is probably my new favourite. Has anyone tried the Trek bars? I think they're made by the same company. They're quite nice.

Posted 08.05.13, 10:47am

I used to love those Trek bars but I ate too many and now they make me feel sick :( Are they designed to give you an energy boost?

Posted 09.05.13, 9:21am

Ah I hate that when you really like something and then eat is so much you go off it!

Yeah they have lots of protein and added ginseng and ginkgo, which are supposed to be good for energy. Think they're designed for sports and things when you need extra energy, but I used to like having them for breakfast as they would keep me full for ages.

Posted 10.05.13, 10:10am

I have definitely eaten too many nakd bars, they make me feel a bit queasy just thinking about them. But I never knew they contained ginseng and ginkgo, maybe if i give it a few more months before trying again I can start eating them again

Posted 11.05.13, 11:18am