What's your favourite gym class?

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I fancy a change. Any suggestions? I'm even willing to try Zumba hahahahaha.

Posted 28.08.12, 10:26am

What classes have you tried so far?

I'm going to try 'High Energy' at my gym on Thursday - it looks pretty intense!  Someone told me it's a bit like the 'insanity' workout that you can buy on from the shopping channels..

Posted 29.08.12, 8:47am

Ooh not sure I'm liking the sound of a workout titled 'insanity' haha! My favourite gym class is hula hooping! Only been a few times but I love it.

Posted 30.08.12, 2:31pm

How do you buy a workout? lol. Do you mean on a DVD!?

Posted 30.08.12, 2:31pm

I do indeed mean a DVD...

Posted 31.08.12, 9:33am

Work out must be according to body structure and its need. Every person's have its unique body structure & weight.

Biceps, triceps, push-ups, leg and cardio work outs are more common gym activity.

Posted 14.11.12, 4:36am

Quoted from Carly_A:

I do indeed mean a DVD...

haha buy a workout! amazing

Posted 15.11.12, 9:48am

Quoted from Paul_Gne:

I fancy a change. Any suggestions? I'm even willing to try Zumba hahahahaha.

Did you try any gym classes out Paul_Gne? Did you give Zumba a try? Smile

Posted 16.11.12, 10:20am

My girlfriend made me try zumba (just at home though) and I have to admit I was quite taken by it.  It gets your heart rate up and you have a laugh too

Posted 18.11.12, 3:18pm

Yeah Zumba's really good - I haven't been for a while, but I used to love going!

Posted 19.11.12, 11:45am

I got Wii Zumba for my birthday at the beginning of September and still haven't got round to giving a try! Will have to do this soon!

Posted 20.11.12, 10:56am

You should - it's really good! It's not as good as going to a proper class, but still worth doing Smile.

Posted 21.11.12, 9:46am

Is it different from an actual class?

Posted 22.11.12, 9:54am

Yep, nobody pushing you for the 'prime spots' and your own space to move around in! Downsides are as with any DVD, they often lack variety so it's easy to get bored. DVD's and Fitness Games are usually a bit behind the current trends and movement fashions... boredome and new material is a reason they get released so often. You may not get corrected on technique, so be wary of your knees... knee injuries aren't uncommon where Zumba is concerned because there's a lot of twisting and quirky movement. I think anyone can also qualify for the actual class, without proper formal qualification and instructor training (or at least they used to), so I'm 100% wary of any zumba class. Not that I can dance well anyway :-S

In answer to the original question, my love affair with Spin is 6yrs strong! I think it will always be my favourite class, nothing else quite lives up to it.

Posted 22.11.12, 1:17pm

I enjoyed Zumba to begin with, but I fell out of love with it pretty quick. It doesn't get your heart rate up like a good run. Perhaps it was just the instructors I had, but I found myself adding extra oomph to the steps just to make it harder. Also... all the zumba devotees I know may have become a bit fitter but they certainly haven't shifted any weight.

Posted 22.11.12, 7:56pm

I guess it depends how you are eating too whether it helps you shift weight, as many people really overcompensate for their workouts with extra food and treats. I think I'd rather go for a run though than go to a Zumba class, but I thought I'd get the Wii version for those lazy days when I don't feel like going outside!

Posted 23.11.12, 10:46am

I think Zumba was one of those massive crazes intended at getting people active, it's not generally a full-on high impact class. It has its plus sides though, people like it and keep going back which is essentially the point of long term health and activity. It's better than sitting on your bum doing nothing!

Posted 23.11.12, 11:10am

Yeah if it gets people exercising then it can't be a bad thing.

Posted 25.11.12, 11:03am

I've never tried zumba, I'm fairly uncoordinated so maybe this isn't for me.  It does look really fun though :)

Posted 26.11.12, 4:50pm

I didn't find it hard, but my class was full of women who were quite a bit older.

Posted 26.11.12, 4:53pm