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Sunday 1st November 2015 The ASB Auckland Marathon is one of the fastest growing marathons in the world, and it's easy t...

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  • fransmith
  • fransmith wrote on Auckland Marathon 1 year, 6 months ago

    I’m hoping to do a sub-3 hour marathon at Auckland this year and would love some insight from anyone with marathon experience!

    I’m currently running 50-60km per week without injury in accordance with a Jack Daniels training plan.

    PR’s: 5km is 18:30 on a loop track (30km wind), about 6 months ago, and 10km 40:00 about 3 months ago. I am fitter now, and would expect around 18:00/39:00 for 5km/10km.

    Current Training:
    I can hold an 8km at 3:55m/km at a firm pace at peaking drifting from 81 to 86% Max HR.
    I can hold a 20km run at 4:45m/km comfortably, and up to 25km under 5:00m/km without breaking 70% max HR.

    I completed my first run of more than 25km on the weekend was 30km in 2:35:00 – I hit the wall at about 25km and dropped off from the 5:00m/km pace. This was without nutrition or hydration, and after a bottle of wine the night before. Perhaps not the best for my physical conditioning, but wanted to hit the wall for experience.

    Am I kidding myself?!

    I have 14 weeks to the Auckland marathon. Is it feasible to ramp up to 90-100km peak weeks over 14 weeks or is this counter-intuitive? If not, what should my weekly milage peak out at over this 14 week period.

    What sort of tempo runs should I be hitting, and at what pace?

    I am doing a flat half marathon 4 weeks out – what time will I need to be looking at here to be on track for a sub-3-hour?

    What sort of splits would you suggest the Auckland Marathon should be run in to target a sub-3 hour (note - the first half is undulating, with second half flat)?

    NB: this is my first marathon/half-marathon.

    Thanks for any insight or help!


    • MtGary 'Hi. not sure if you've had an answer yet - I was looking for something else and found your question. I did a 2:59 in ak for my first and 2:55 in rotorua for my second. I was doing about the same level of training, 60-70km average, maybe peaking at 80 for a couple of weeks(though I always felt a niggle at that level and would skip a run per week..). Your figures sound pretty similar to what mine were then (just a couple of years ago). I did a 10k just before at 37m and a half before each at 1:18. I expected the 10k time, but the half ones surprised me both times (there were no km markers) - all were races though so you had so extra adrenalin. I picked up niggaling sore calf both times after the halves though so I would suggest pacing those better - and stretching. Exciting! Good luck. Gary' 1 year, 4 months ago

  • danmac3
  • danmac3 wrote on Auckland Marathon 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi, I am using an intermediate training guide from the Auckland Marathon from 2010. I am confused by what is written for some days from week 5, where it says it's a 40 min run consisting of 4 min hard, 2 min jog, 3 min hard. 90 sec jog, 2 min hard, 1 min
    jog, 1 min hard, then warm down.

    I don't know if I am supposed to do this a couple of times, or just once, which only comes to approx 14.5 minutes then a warm down...Does anyone have any ideas on what I should be doing here?

    Thanks, Dan


    • fransmith 'Hi Dan. Difficult to say without seeing the rest of the program, but it looks like an interval session. I wouldn't crack straight into a 4 min hard section, would suggest warming up for 15 mins or so. Likewise, a 10 minute warm down is pretty standard. This would put you up to about 40 minutes total. Cheers' 1 year, 6 months ago

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