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Virgin Money London Marathon 2014 - Sunday 26th April 2015. Since it was founded in 1983 the Virgin Money London Maratho...

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  • atlantavuelve
  • atlantavuelve wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 1 day, 7 hrs ago

    I enrolled in the lottery but do not have the bib number and not received the confirmation email, you can confirm if I'm registered or not? My name is Samuel Halfon and my mail is, I write from Argentina thanks


    • Keith_L 'Samuel - sorry don't think there is anyone from The London Marathon who monitors these posts. If you went through entire process then you should be in the ballot. But your only real option would be to phone them even though you are overseas. sorry cant be more help' 1 day, 5 hrs ago

    • atlantavuelve 'thanks anyway' 1 day, 4 hrs ago

  • chrissumsion
  • chrissumsion wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 1 day, 8 hrs ago

    Wondering if i can get a Good For Age entry. I will be 50 when 2015 marathon takes place & have a 3'19" which gets me in to 50-59 group BUT this time was done this year - I am "only" 49 now. Thanks Chris


    • Keith_L 'GFA is usually done on your age at the date of the race you are qualifying for rather than the one you did teh time in. SO you should be OK (and nor 2016)' 1 day, 8 hrs ago

    • chrissumsion 'Thanks Keith' 1 day, 7 hrs ago

  • Rachel47
  • Rachel47 wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 1 day, 9 hrs ago

    Have you a contact number other than the one on VMLM page as it is just an automated one and I need to speak to someone about my entries. Thanks.

  • HondaRS250
  • HondaRS250 wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 1 day, 10 hrs ago

    I deferred back in March for the 2014 race (due to injury) and an acknowledgement came up on the screen immediately afterwards, but I didn't print it as I thought I would get an email confirmation as you always do these days. I didn't. Did anyone else get one ? Hope it went through ok as I'd love to run 2015 !!

  • jumper666
  • jumper666 wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 1 day, 13 hrs ago

    Hi i registered for VLM 2015 after midnight on 22nd April but still have not been sent an email confirmation so now dont know my reference number when are emails sent


    • Keith_L 'They have put out afacebook message sayinge mails may take 1-2 days to arrive. ' 1 day, 10 hrs ago

  • StephsBubble
  • StephsBubble wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 1 day, 14 hrs ago

    Hi - I spelt my dad's email wrong when entering him into the ballot yesterday and panicked. So I entered him twice. Can I cancel one of my entries for him?


    • Keith_L 'Give them a call they will sort it out for you.' 1 day, 12 hrs ago

  • TJT
  • TJT wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 2 days ago

    I registered myself and my husband into the ballot early this morning. I got an email and he did not. How can I check? I have reference numbers for both. Should I just call them in a couple of days? Just wondering if I maybe put in an incorrect email address and if this will matter?


    • Keith_L 'If you have reference numbers for both you should be OK. I would wait a day or so then call them. Theres nothing you can do to change it now anyway ' 1 day, 15 hrs ago

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