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Virgin Money London Marathon 2014 - Sunday 26th April 2015. Since it was founded in 1983 the Virgin Money London Maratho...

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  • shugpug
  • shugpug wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 8 hrs ago

    Anyone know what time the ballot will open on Tuesday? I'll be travelling without access to the internet from 1030, but really want to enter!


    • Keith_L 'usually opens in the early hours of the morning' 8 hrs ago

  • mandalp
  • mandalp wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 3 days ago

    does anyone know how / when the official finishing photographs they were taking right after the finish will be made available ?


    • eemeliie 'Mine is on marathon photo already. Have gotten two or three emails since the race with updates when new photos have been added.' 3 days ago

  • weaselweiser1976
  • weaselweiser1976 wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 4 days ago

    I was so overwhelmed with the support. I personally ran a rubbish race compared to what I have previously done so feeling a bit down Trying to decide if I should try again next year.


    • fiestec 'This was my 1st marathon a GREAT ATMOSPHERE my Grandchildren loved it. I was doing really well & at mile 13 was on target to finish in just over 4hrs by mile 14 disaster struck. I tore my left calf muscle ( return of an old training injury). I was determined to finish for my charity so l dug deep & ran when l could manage the pain & hobbled when l had to. Got home in 5.20 but now l have a time to beat so l WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR. l do agree with the comment by moon below in some places the crowd were right in the road & caused a bottle neck effect for the runners causing us to slow down & walk - very annoying. These areas can be identified by camera coverage, put more marshalls here & l was 1 of many runners who had stupid spectators run across the road in front of them REALLY STUPID & ANNOYING.' 4 days ago

  • moon
  • moon wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 5 days ago

    Great day ! Actually it was spoilt . Probably because I started at the back none the less I think I'm not the only one to experience this . I did have to fight my way through the slow runners mainly because my training went better than I expected , I finished 4h17m . But for the life of me on certain parts of the course on more occasions than I want to remember , the spectators had encroached on the road . I'm all for great atmosphere but when I looked behind the spectators there was plenty of space behind them . The result was that all the runners had been forced into a bottle neck , so that the runners were virtually walking through lack of space to run . Greatest Marathon in the world . Hmm maybe you sbe coming back . First Marathon for me . What a load of rubbish .hould review your crowd control . Ruined my run for sure and I wont be coming back

  • jess391
  • jess391 wrote on Virgin Money London Marathon 5 days ago

    Did anyone else not get a time recorded? I ran the whole thing but my chip was only picked up once at 5km so I haven't got any splits or an overall time. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same position? Pretty disappointed :-(


    • Keith_L 'It happens occasionally that a chip fails. Usually it doesn't work at all rather than part way through ( never heard of that) if you contact the VLM office they will try and recreate your finish time using photographic evidence. ' 5 days ago

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    Day 1 of the Expo! 11.00am doors open - we can't wait to see you there.

    April 15, 2013, 11:18 p.m. by VirginMoneyLondonMarathon:
    OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Virgin London Marathon Statement On The Explosions At The Boston Marathon. Read the full press release here >

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    In relation to the sad death of one of our competitors, Claire Squires, please see the following notification:

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