Cheesy Christmas film quiz

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a cheesy film and plenty of tasty refreshments. But can you remember much from these festive favorites? It might be a bit of a challenge, especially as you probably last watched them half asleep, stuffed full of chocolate, washed down with several glasses baileys ...

Cheesy xmas film quiz
  • Q1

    Which acclaimed actor played Santa Claus in the 1994 movie Miracle on 34th Street?

  • Q2

    Who was the author of the 1982 animated movie The Snowman?

  • Q3

    Which of the following celebrities didn’t provide the voice of a character in the Robbie the Reindeer film, Hooves of fire?

  • Q4

    Which movie director wrote the story for the 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas?

  • Q5

    Which 1989 comedy Christmas movie starring Chevy Chase concerns the unfortunate Griswold family?

  • Q6

    Who took the lead role in the 2000 film How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

  • Q7

    Which former East Ender stared alongside Hugh Grant in the 2003 film, Love Actually?

  • Q8

    Which 1988 comedy film starring Bill Murray is a modern day version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol?

  • Q9

    Who wrote, produced and directed the 2004 computer animated adaptation of The Polar Express?

  • Q10

    Who starred as Scrooge in The Muppets Christmas Carol?