Sex: how much do you know?

Did you pay attention in your Sex Education classes? Find out how much you know about sex, by answering these 10 saucy questions:

Sex: how much do you know?
  • Q1

    On average, a woman thinks about sex:

  • Q2

    True or false: driving a fast car can increase a guy’s sex drive

  • Q3

    If you were a woman and were thought to suffer from ‘hysteria’ in the 19th century your doctor may have told you to:

  • Q4

    Is sex like good wine – the older the better? What percentage of people think sex is better at a more mature age?

  • Q5

    Globally, the average age to lose your virginity is:

  • Q6

    True or false: this slogan appeared in WWII brochures to encourage soldiers to wear condoms: Don’t forget – Put it on before you put it in

  • Q7

    Globally, how many sexual partners has the average man had?

  • Q8

    On average, how long do you think women want to have sex for?

  • Q9

    Women who have sex four or more times a week look, on average, how many years younger:

  • Q10

    What does the word ursusagalmatophilia refer to?