Test your softball knowledge

If you follow the game, then this should be a cinch, but if you’re completely new to the game then have a go of these testers of your knowledge after you have checked out our other softball articles.

Test your softball knowledge
  • Q1

    The first softball ever used when the game was effectively born in 1887 was made of what?

  • Q2

    A softball is larger than a baseball. True or false?

  • Q3

    What product that you will typically find at home is said to be good at helping break your softball glove in?

  • Q4

    A team’s innings automatically ends when how many of its batters are out?

  • Q5

    What happens if the scores are tied after the seventh innings?

  • Q6

    How many bases are there on a softball field of play?

  • Q7

    A runner attempting to run between bases runs 5ft (approximately 1.5m) outside of the baseline in an attempt to avoid being tagged. Is this allowed?

  • Q8

    The pitcher must pitch the ball into a specific area to enable the batter a fair chance of hitting it? What is this area called?

  • Q9

    Softball made its debut as an Olympic sport at which Olympic Games?

  • Q10

    Softball is included in the programme for the 2012 Olympic Games. True or false?