Running 10k Events

Training for a 10k event

Training for a 10k (6.2 mile) event is the logical next step up after doing a 5k, or it could even be the first event you ever do. Either way, it's a manageable distance that can easily be fitted into your life, whatever your current fitness and running levels are. If you want a focal point for your training to help motivate you to get fitter, a 10k race is an ideal target and a genuinely achievable running goal.

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10k training plans

We have some first-class 10k training plans that you can download today. We have 10k plans for the beginner runner and the intermediate runner and we can help you get a 10k performance to be proud of. Get race day ready with our training plans.

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Running a 10k event

Could you complete a 10k entirely under your own steam? If you’ve ever considered preparing for and completing a 10k but need more of an insight into what it’s all about, what the training involves, the race itself and more, then read on. Our guide to running a 10k will answer all your questions, including how do I get started, what should I wear, what should I eat and drink, how much training do I need to do, how long will the race take me and what happens on race day?

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