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YES, I'LL HAVE A LOOK NOT NOW Please, don't show me this again



I'm an e-business solutions manager based in Reading and Birmingham. My job is quite techy but I enjoy doing other things to get away from the PC - one of those is running. I enjoy...

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  • AndyN
  • AndyN has posted in a forum thread 2 years, 10 months ago

    Just starting out running
    'Hey, definately going outside will help up the distance - run around places you've not been before, explore your town! I used to get completely lost...'

  • AndyN
  • AndyN 2 years, 10 months ago

    Hi all, please follow my company on Facebook and invite others, as a keen runner myself and fan of realbuzz, I am keen on ensuring people have emergency contact information on them while running.

  • AndyN
  • AndyN has posted in a forum thread 3 years ago

    To race with an ipod or not?
    'I lvoe to run with my ipod, it helps me sooo much! However, I do sometimes take my headphones out if i'm surrounded by a crowd and have a little chat....'

  • AndyN
  • AndyN has posted in a forum thread 3 years ago

    Great recipe for Granola
    'Hey all, I found this recipe for a very tasty and easy to make granola. Although...'

  • AndyN
  • AndyN has posted in a forum thread 3 years ago

    Hello from Durham parkrun
    'Hi Alister, I have done the Newport parkrun as my family there are regulars. Its a great concept and really wish I could join them more often. I've...'

  • AndyN
  • AndyN 3 years ago

    RealBuzz has changed a lot since I last logged in! Looking good!