10 Fitness Fixes To Suit Your Mood

Not in the mood for your regular exercise regime? Here we show you some exercises and workouts suited to your mood.

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Life is full of highs and lows; one day you might be feeling unbeatable after getting the job of your dreams, whilst the next day you might be feeling vulnerable and lonely because you tripped over a bar stool in front of your ex and their new partner. So, if life and our moods change so dramatically, why shouldn’t our fitness regimes? Here we show you how you can match your mood to your exercise – give it a go.



If you're feeling a little blue, sometimes all you want to do is whip out the tub of ice cream, cuddle up in a duvet and put on Bridget Jones to take those tears away, but don't give in! When you exercise endorphins get released, a natural happy hormone, making you feel less blue and things will get better. Plus the exercise will tire you out, helping you get a better night's sleep, everyone always feels better after a nice rest. 

The exercise 

When you’re feeling blue the last thing you want to do is surround yourself by overly happy people who are dancing their hearts out as if they’re in a high school musical. Instead of going to a dance or aerobic class, and being surrounded by overly enthusiastic and happy people - the type of people that are happy on a monday morning - go for a swim instead.


When you’re sad swimming can be ideal to fix that down mood. If you need space from people and time to think over some things, taking a solitude swim can be ideal to get some space and clear your head. If you need someone to chat to and distract from your troubles, bringing a friend along and mixing up your swim can really help. Water is widely known for is soothing and relaxing nature, many use water noises to help them get to sleep for example, so immersing yourself in a pool of water and floating around in its soothing waves is the ideal way to take some time out from your blues. 



Every now and again, sometimes we just feel alone despite being surrounded by people, not the ideal mood to start a workout. But don't be deterred from hitting the gym as an exercise class or asking someone for some exercise help, is great to make a friend or two. 

The exercise 

Working at a desk all day can sometimes get quite lonely, and so doing an exercise that requires communication and unity is the best way to both get your heart working hard whilst having fun and making some friend. Exercise classes are the best way to forget about loneliness, preferably something upbeat and fun like a dance or workout classes.


The upbeat music and enthusiastic instructor is the ideal way to add some enjoyment and fun to a workout. Dancing is the best way to not only workout your whole body, but the style of everyone dancing together, at the same time, will encourage a sense of unity and encouragement. Plus if you start regularly attending classes you will get to know some of the regular attenders, form friendships, and forget about that lonely feeling in no time!



At some point in our lives work, tests and events can all inevitably build up stress and anxiety, even the most chilled out person can feel the pressure from time to time. But any form of fitness will help take your mind off your troubles and problems, so skipping the gym and stewing over whatever issues trouble you is never a good idea. 

The exercise

If you’re feeling a little panicked and worried, or find it difficult to leave your work at the office, yoga is the perfect fitness fix for your worried mind, to relax clear you of life’s stresses. 


For those who are stressed or anxious, the breathing exercises involved in yoga are particularly useful as they can slow your heart rate and help you meditate to clear out some of your negative, anxiety-inducing thoughts. The soothing music, still atmosphere and concentrated stretching is an ideal way to distract your mind, focusing on your balance, positions and breathing to clear your mind and restore your peace.



Its easy to get het up about the little things in life, the irritating in-laws are visiting for the weekend criticising everything you do, someone annoying sits next to you on the bus home or you get stuck in a bad traffic jam. But neglecting to get rid of these feelings can appear negatively in other areas of your life. 

The exercise

You should head out for a run, putting in some headphones and hitting the treadmill or a scenic jog is the best way to get some much needed space and push out those frustrations. 


As our lives become more claustrophobic, we crave the freedom that running encompasses. When you’re out in the elements, using your own strength and motivation, you can get the isolation and peace that the rhythmic pace and repetitive strides running provides. Getting some fresh air, and space from the typical environments that we confine ourselves to, is a good way to detach from the annoyances we associate with our lives.



Working 9-5, studying, the housework and hitting the gym can take up a lot of our time and can provide little excitement, unless you're one of those unusual people that find the dishes thrilling. Boredom is an inevitable part of our society and so when the monotony of life gets to you, trying a new exercise is a perfect solution to add variety to our routines. 

The exercise

Life can get dull and a fantastic fitness fix for those who are bored to tears, is taking up something competitive. Basketball, football, badminton, tennis or even something more unusual like judo, can do wonders to beat the boredom. 


Fast-paced sports are ideal to keep the heart pumping and your mind occupied, so stay away from golf and cricket which can involve standing in a field for long periods of time. Whatever it may be that's fun and available near you is the perfect way to get in your needed fitness without the monotony of a standard gym routine. Plus adding a social element to your exercise is a great way to make it fun and interesting; having a laugh whilst riling up your competitive side. After these sports I can guarantee your mind will be entertained, you will feel energised and also have a lot of fun!



When moving off the sofa seems like your worst nightmare and motivation it as an all time low, the best solution is doing something that will pump you up, most preferably with some else! If netflix has uploaded a new season of your favourite program and you just cannot be bothered going the gym, have a gym buddy that will MAKE you get off your butt! 

The exercise 

So your friend has managed to put your gym shoes on, what do you do next? Spinning! Believe it or not cycling can be a very motivating sport, and if you're in a class with an instructor looking right at you telling you to push on, you will be surprised how hard you can workout! Plus cycling burn a ton of calories and gets those endorphins pumping, the productivity will start flowing! 


Spinning can be an intense workout, hard hitting music with a determined instructor encouraging you to push harder. Plus each class starts slowly so going for a melodic spin on the bike will ease you into the energising exercise your about to embark upon. Combined with the encouragement of the rest of the class and your instructor, you will keep going and push through to feel better and motivated on the other side. 



Anger can take us all over at the best of times, but just letting your anger stew and doing nothing about it will do you no good! Instead, vent out your built up fury through exercise, the best way to get over whatever it is that's got to you. It will help you feel restful and restore your peace in the rest of your life, whilst burning a lot of calories and pumping some serious iron.  

The exercise

So you missed your bus, found out your friend is dating one of your exes and got the plug pulled on a project you’ve been working on in work. Take some deep breaths and book your place in a Boxercise class, or even just put on some gloves and take it out on that punch bag.


Instead of punching your so-called friend or your awful boss, it might be wiser and more morally acceptable to instead pummel the air or the bag through boxing or a class. Practising your jabs and your right hooks to a hard-hitting beat is surprisingly therapeutic and when you hang up your gloves after your class you should feel a little less irate. Particularly if you focus your mind and picture the thing that's irritating you the most, channeling all your energy and anger to punch that problem away, you will feel relaxed and relieved in no time. 



Have something fun coming up in your life, or just been asked out on a date by that person you've had a crush on for months, then why not enhance and feed off the buzz of excitement? 

The exercise

The best fitness fix for those times when you’re buzzing with excitement, is to thrive off this sudden fueling of energy with Zumba. 


Zumba is built for excitable people. The heartfelt, pulsing tones are ideal for excited souls and the music is so upbeat that throwing your limbs around to the music can only raise you to a whole new level of excitement. Plus the joy and enthusiasm of the instructor and fellow individuals have, will only make you feel more excited and pumped up. 



Essentially any exercise will make you happier due to the release of endorphins and knowing that you've worked hard and one your body some good. But when you've just had a good day and everything has gone your way, doing relaxing classes like yoga and tai-chi or hard hitting exercises such as weight lifting or HIIT training can sometime exhaust you and take away your happiness high.

The exercise

Doing something fast paced and enjoyable, jumping around and getting the cardio system working is best. Music based classes like dancercise or water aerobics is best to fuel from that happy feeling, whilst making it last longer and leave the gym happier that you were before. 


Music, fast dancing, and big energetic movements are great when you're feeling positive and energised. It can be very hard to motivate yourself for cardio exercises when in a bad mood, as you tend to feel negative about the hard work and only give half your effort. But when you're happy you want to work hard and put your all in, so energy filled cardio exercises and classes are ideal to keep up that happiness. 



Getting up at 7am every day for work, or running around after the kids will inevitably take its toll on your energy levels. Having a bad night's sleep or working yourself to the bone can make you feel unmotivated to hit the gym, and you're right, over exerting yourself isn't great, but missing the gym entirely isn't good for you either. 

The exercise

Soothing slow paced exercise is your key, as sometimes we just can't physically or mentally cope with cardio or high energy exercise. Stretching or yoga can be great to work those muscles, aid flexibility and take away those guilty missed gym feelings we can get. And if hitting that exercise mat doesn't appeal to you, go for a short round of gold, to get outdoors and fit in some exercise. 


Resting your body and muscles from your exhausting life can be easily done through golf or stretching, calming your mind, getting outdoors in nature and ensuring a good nights sleep. When motivation is low, theres no point forcing yourself to start a hard workout that you know you won't finish. Instead do something low intensity and calming to fit in some exercise without burning yourself out.