5 Fitness Trends You Need To Try

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5 Fitness Trends You Need To Try

Looking for a new way for fitness? Try out one of these fitness crazes to keep you in shape.

Looking for a new way for fitness? Try out one of these fitness crazes to keep you in shape.

Tired of the treadmill? Zoned out of Zumba? If your fitness routine has become a chore, we’ve got some fun fitness trends to inject a good shot of excitement back into your workout (if you can call dancing around to your favourite past and present chart hits a “workout”). Keep your body and soul on top form by checking out these fun fitness trends. Which ones are you going to try?



No, were not talking about some new form of drain cleaner, SH’BAM is a great new exercise to let out your inner rhythm, burn off some calories and let out those amazing moves! If you’re looking for an exercise that offers a great fat-burning workout alongside the simplest yet hottest dance moves around, shape up with SH’BAM. According to its creators, the average person burns around 510 calories while taking part in one SH’BAM class – sounds good to us! 

Each 45-minute class kicks off with a basic warm-up session that gets everything moving from your head to your toes. Once you’re all warmed up, your instructor moves on to the main part of the class which is where you really strut your stuff! Indeed, the main workout involves a simple yet sexy dance workout, underscored by twelve classic and current chart-topping hits. The class ends with what the SH’BAM professionals describe as “sassy stretches” to relax your body and bring your heart-rate down.

A mix of fast paced energetic pop songs, some really stylish hip-hop tunes, latino and salsa shakes, even a little bit of jiving to embrace your dancing desires and get that heart pumping. This is great to add a bit of variety to a typical cardio workout, letting you work hard, burn calories and have a load of fun. 


Bokwa Fitness

Founded by international fitness personality Peter Mauvi, Bokwa Fitness is a craze that has captured the attention of fitness fanatics everywhere. The reason? Bokwa Fitness allows participants to burn an estimated 1200 calories per workout with its impressive-looking yet super simple dance routines. Perfect for any age, any gender, and workout preference, From low, moderate or high intensity, it can be done be any anyone!

Although inspired by dancing, following high upbeat music and some fun dance moves, it combines movements from boxing and aerobics classes, working nearly all your muscles and providing a serious cardio workout. 

Indeed, if you watch a video of a Bokwa class taking place, the steps look complicated to say the least. Take a closer look though, and you will notice that participants are simply drawing letters and numbers with their feet while moving to the rhythm of the music. The fast-paced, energetic movements build strength and endurance while remaining a super easy class to take part in, making this the key to slimming success. The best bit? The fact that it involves no choreography so even those of us with two left feet can do it – amazing!


Fusion classes

Variety is the spice of life, and what better way to add variety to your workout routine than to take part in a fusion class? If you’re familiar with two-in-one fitness trends such as Piloxing and Kayoga, you’re probably already aware of the fusion class craze. Indeed, fusion classes – as the name suggests – are two separate forms of fitness fused together, so Piloxing is basically the love child of Pilates and kickboxing, while Kayoga is a mixture of kayaking and yoga. 

Fusion classes are perfect for anyone who wants a super intense workout in the minimum amount of time. It may look intimidating as the tagline suggest “shock the body,” may seem a bit intense, but combining different styles of workouts means you get all the benefits of multiple exercises, without getting bored by the same routines. Like yoga and hip-hop? Try BuddaXtreme! Like resistance bands and weight training but want to try other exciting cardio class? Try Soulcycle! The list of combos goes on and on, this craze could get... crazy!


Obstacle workouts

Obstacle workouts are designed to be tough, muddy and anything but light-hearted. Alongside Spartan Race and Dirty Dash, Tough Mudder events are the perfect example. Tough Mudder events are hardcore, high-endurance obstacle courses that stretch around ten to twelve miles. 

If you’re a lover of light-hearted dance workouts, steer well clear as these as fun and bubbly forms of exercises are far from these courses. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, that loves a challenge and gladiator-style grind when you workout, you’re likely to find these events as fun as they are tough. Picture yourself plunging into a muddy pool of icy water, crawling through flooded tunnels and leaping over fire pits. These hardcore events leave little time to get bored. 

Running around this extreme course, encouraging each other, getting thoroughly dirty and muddy, pushing your body to the extreme and new limits are all present when taking on one of these obstacle courses. These are not for the faint hearted and require a bit of prior training, but if you want a messy challenge to feel pumped and unbeatable, we dare you to take them on. 


Rope training

If you’re looking for a fun form of fitness that challenges your body to an amazing cardiovascular workout, increases your lean muscle tissue and allow you to reach your maximum heart rate in minimum time, rope training may be for you. You dont need to join up to any classes, buy any dvds or dive into any mud pits for this exercise, just simply hit the gym and grab those ropes! 

After the warm-up, a typical rope training session consists of an intensive, one minute movement in which you firmly grip a heavy rope at both ends and move it up a down or in and out in a wave-like motion. The challenge is – aside from keeping this movement going for a full minute – to keep the velocity and flow of the waves for the entire minute without flagging, it is a lot harder than it sounds! It seems pretty boring on paper but trust us, once you’ve started you can’t stop until you get it right. Once you’ve mastered the wave-like motion, you can move onto more challenging moves. A piece of rope hasn’t been this fun since we were little!