5 Ways Of Getting Into The Exercise Habit

Having difficulty getting the exercise habit? By making a few minor changes to your mindset you can make exercise as much as part of your day-to-day routine as eating and sleeping.

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Follow the five tips below to see how simple it can be to get into the habit of exercise.


Be organised and prepared for exercise

There’s nothing worse than planning to work out and not being able to find your trainers, or realising all your kit is dirty, or that your exercise bike is buried under a mound of clothes. Don’t give yourself a reason to skip it. Mark it in your diary and treat it like any other appointment or engagement you have booked, that way you are much more likely to commit to the time you have set and carry out your workout.  


Reward yourself for adhering to your exercise programme

Perhaps a sports massage, a session with a personal trainer or some new kit will keep you keen. If you have reached a fitness achievement then rewarding yourself will help you to maintain your motivation and likewise will push you to keeping working towards your next goal.  


Find other likeminded people to enjoy being active with

Research shows that those who train with others are less likely to drop out than those who go it alone. You don’t want to cancel training plans with a friend and let them down, whereas on your own you could easily slip into ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mindset. You are also much more likely to work harder, motivate and encourage one another when training with a partner who has a similar ability as yourself.  


Renew your goals regularly

Having a purpose for each and every workout makes it all feel much more worthwhile. If you don’t know why you’re doing it, you’ll most likely just go through the motions and you won’t get much out of it. Whereas fitness goals will give your training motivation and direction. Regular reviews will ensure your targets are achievable and manageable in relation to your fitness progress.  


Ring the changes

Even if you love power walking or completing your favourite exercise video, don’t be afraid to shake things up now and then. Your mind and muscles will thank you for it. Mixing up your fitness routine will ensure you don’t become bored of your exercise and that your progress does not plateau.