Guide To Zero Gravity Yoga

If you fancy performing yoga while suspended from a ceiling in a hammock of sorts, then Zero Gravity Yoga is for you. Combining yoga with the physicality of a circus acrobatics performance, it’s yoga with a difference and guaranteed to give you abs of steel.

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What is Zero Gravity Yoga?

As the name suggest there is some form of gravity defying going on, but not the kind of the transcendental yogic variety that the name might first have conjured up. Zero Gravity Yoga is all about being suspended in a soft fabric hammock in which you will perform an array of yoga poses while giving your abs one serious workout without you even really knowing it.  

If you think that it sound more like a circus acrobat routine then you’re part right, for the soft sling that you use was invented by aerial choreographer Christopher Harrison, who co-founded the Cirque du Soleil acrobatic performance troupe. After he realised that a fabric swing delivered a serious upper body workout to dancers, the troupe incorporated into their exercise routines.  

The technique was modified and enhanced for yoga and so that it became more accessible. The addition of techniques from dance, Pilates and calisthenics, make Zero Gravity a complete but fun workout. Bet you can’t wait to give those advanced inverted poses a go?

What are the benefits of Zero Gravity Yoga?

Zero Gravity Yoga consists of a series of progressions which when performed correctly provide a cardiovascular workout with low impact while also strengthening the musculo-skeletal system.  

The compression of gravity on the spinal cord helps realign, stretch, lengthen and strengthen the spine. During a session the muscles are provided with unique and effective flexibility stretches and core muscles are also worked significantly.  

The inverted postures also play a role in that they are thought to help the lower abdomen rid itself of many impurities. Hanging in an inverted position helps cleanse the blood and lymph fluids, stimulating the thyroid and parathyroid. This in turn helps to balance hormone levels, improves digestion, boosts the immune system and reduces general stress and tension. So all in all, Zero Gravity Yoga delivers a great deal and the very least you’ll be feeling an ache in areas you never knew muscles existed.  

How do I get started with Zero Gravity Yoga?

Zero Gravity Yoga is a fairly new yoga discipline so the opportunities to get involved are limited but increasing in number all the time. Classes are generally kept small, usually with only four people to a class, to allow concentrated attention on each person present.  

Some previous yoga experience would mean that you get more out of a session, but that does not mean you should rule it out if you are a complete beginner. Let’s make no bones about it, Zero Gravity Yoga is physically demanding and challenging, making it a great discipline for a yoga practitioner who wants to push themselves further. But let’s not forget it’s great fun and ideal for those looking for a bit of variety in their fitness regime.