realbuzz’s very own app is here. Offering you easy access to many of the features of the website with added GPS functionality to enable you to track your activities. It’s your realbuzz at your fingertips - hence the name myrealbuzz .

So what can you expect when you download myrealbuzz ?

The myrealbuzz app is an extension of the existing website and allows members access on their smartphones (both Android and iOS) to some of the main features of the site such as Challenges, Blogs, News Feeds, Dashboards, Routes and Leaderboards.

As a logged in user you'll have full access to our range of GPS tracking, activity stats and community tools to help you achieve your goals. This includes some of the following:


myrealbuzz app

myrealbuzz app


1. News feed - Your community

Your news feed is where it’s all at. You’ll see all the activities from your connections that you have. Not got any connections yet? Don’t worry, download the app, start exploring and get connected.

2. GPS tracker - Track your activity

myrealbuzz allows you to use your mobile device as a GPS tracker so that you can record your activity stats while you run, walk, cycle or swim. You just need to select your activity type and away you go.

3. Challenges - Challenge yourself

Choose a health, fitness or lifestyle challenge to access recommended sessions that you can tick off as you go. There are over 50 to choose from so you should be able to find one whatever your ability or ambition.

4. Activities - Activity stats

This is stat central for all your activity. All the GPS activities you record (or add manually) will show up here, including your PBs for each discipline at various milestones.

5. Blogs - Get blogging

Blogs allow you to keep a log of your fitness journey, like an online diary of your progress. Start one of your own or follow other people’s blogs for inspiration.

6. Connections - My connections

These are the people you are interested in and want to be kept informed of their progress. Start connecting with people to make your app experience a shared one.

7. Routes - My routes

Routes that you have plotted or previously done will appear here. Get started with a new GPS activity, and when you save your route, it will appear here.

8. Achievements - My achievements

All your achievements will appear here. Complete challenges to earn achievement badges, and list all your own past achievements to showcase your successes.

myrealbuzz is more than just an activity tracking tool. There’s the community aspect to consider so you’re never alone whatever target you’re working towards.

Remember, you can log in with your existing account or with your realbuzz registrations account (that you use to access your Member's Hub) if you have previously set one up when entering an event.

Download for iOS and Android devices today!  

Download myrealbuzz for iOS in the app store    Download myrealbuzz for Android in the app store