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If you've got a question regarding the latest version of hopefully it is answered here in this quick help guide...

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What is the new This is our new health and fitness website, offering a wide range of challenges to help you start changing your life today. With experts on hand to guide you with tailored content and an amazing community ready to offer advice, inspiration and motivation to keep you on track, whether you want to run a first 5k, beat your marathon best, complete one of our many partner events or simply kick-start a healthier fitness regime, challenge yourself today and we'll help you hit your target.
What is a challenge? A challenge is a goal or achievement. We've created a list of challenges across many disciplines, topics and activities. Every challenge has an end goal which might be a completing a 5k race, walking a marathon distance or cycling for 30 miles. We also have other shorter challenges such as 7-day healthy eating challenge or a better sleep challenge to help your lifestyle.  Once you join a challenge, we will give you all the information you need to achieve the challenge including complete training plans, supporting articles and regular advice.
Do I have to enter an event to take part in a challenge? No you don't, you can select from several non-event challenges across many disciplines and topics. Non-event challenges are a great way to build your confidence if you are a beginner or new to fitness completely.
How are you going to help me succeed with my challenge? Once you join a challenge you’ll receive a flow of information including a complete training plan (if the challenge is training based) supporting articles and advice to keep you motivated. This information will be accessible to you through your dashboard and will be frequently added to as you progress through the challenge. There’s also the Q&A place - this is a great resource for any additional questions you may have about your challenge.
Who are the experts writing the content? We are committed to giving you the best possible chance to successfully complete your challenge and have recruited a wide-range of experts to assist with specific training advice and tailored content. Find out more information about our team.
Can I keep my challenge information private? Yes, you can make your challenge information public or private. The choice is yours.
I've entered an event challenge and want to discuss it with others... Once you join a challenge you'll be able to chat with other realbuzz members that are also doing the challenge by using the challenge discussion board.
Where can I access my challenge training information? All of your challenge training information will be fed to and stored on your personalised activity dashboard.
How will I be notified that new information is available? New information will be added to your dashboard and you’ll be able to access this information on login to your account. You can also opt to receive regular email to let you know how you are progressing.
Will you be providing me with frequent information throughout my challenge? Absolutely, as soon as you join a challenge you’ll receive all the introductory information you need to start. As you progress through your challenge you’ll receive a flow of relevant advice, articles and other information to help you achieve your challenge.
Can I add training plan information to another calendar? This functionality is something we are looking to introduce as soon as possible. We'll keep you updated.
I have chosen a challenge that's a little too advanced for me - can I change it to another one? Yes. We realise you may make a mistake and select a challenge which is too difficult or maybe even too easy for your ability level. You can stop a challenge, move to a new one at any time and base your starting week on where you consider your standard to be up to. You can also change your challenge level once you'v estarted by using the challenge settings options. You can delete information on any incomplete challenges from your activity dashboard.
Is there any way to pause a challenge if I am unable to train or if I go away? You can pause some challenges for a maximum of two weeks once you’ve got started. To pause a challenge go to the challenge settings. If pause isn't possible then only the options to cancel the challenge will show. If you are doing a training based challenge, there will be some information on what to do if you miss or fall behind on your training. 
I am struggling with fitting in all the training outlined in the challenge, can you offer some advice? Fitting training into your lifestyle is a common problem, so don’t let it demotivate you. Here’s some information on what to do if miss or fall behind on your training. Also, check out the Q&A place, here you’ll find plenty of advice on how to manage your training.
I can't login. Can you help? On the previous version of realbuzz you had to log in with your username and password, on the new version of realbuzz you need to login with your registered email address and password.
How do I view my entries for events that I have entered via realbuzz registrations? Your event entries are contained within your hub which is accessed through our sister site realbuzz registrations. These details are NOT available on the website. Go you your Members Hub and login to view your event details. 
I have a realbuzz registrations account. Can I use the same details to login on Having a realbuzz registrations account does not mean you automatically have a account. In order to use you still need to register with the site (if you haven't done so previously). You can use the email address and password that you use on realbuzz registrations, but you still need to complete the sign up form. If you use the same email address, you will see a message informing you that you have an account with our sister website, but you still need to carry on completing all fields on the sign up form before clicking 'join'. This will synch your realbuzz registrations and accounts, meaning that you will be able to login on both sites with the same email address and password. 
Can I still write blogs? Definitely. We love our bloggers and we love reading your blogs - and so we've made them even more visible on the new We want as many of our community members as possible to write about health and fitness achievements, success stories and tales of overcoming the odds. Your blogs are now visible across multiple sections of - meaning even greater kudos for you when you complete your challenge.
Do my old blogs still exist? Don't worry, if you were an active user all of your old blogs have been moved across to the new realbuzz and can still be enjoyed by our thousands of daily visitors.
Am I still following the same blogs? Unfortunately, you will have to re-follow all the blogs you previously followed, if you wish to do so of course.
Where have the forums gone? We have discussion areas surrounding all of our event, training and other challenges and so whatever your individual interest, you'll still be able to call on a community of like-minded people for a chat, inspiration and motivation. Content posted in the old Virgin Money London Marathon forum is housed on a discussion board within the Virgin Money London Marathon Challenge. You can view the latest VMLM discussion here.
I used to belong to some groups on the old site, what's happened to them? We now have challenge areas instead where realbuzz community members can discuss their training progress (and anything else!) on a dedicated wall.
Where can I chat with people? There are muiltiple ways in which you can chat with your friends on You can chat with people you are connected to, you can interact and post updates to your own profile wall and you'll also have the opportunity to speak with like-minded people on any of our challenge, events or charity partner pages. You'll never struggle to find people to discuss your health and fitness goals with.
Am I still following the same people? We now have a system of 'connections' which has replaced 'followers' so you will have to connect with all those people you may have previously followed, if you wish to do so.
Can I send private messages? No, you cannot currently send private messages to your friends, but this function is coming soon.
Can I block other members from contacting me? Members will only be able contact one another directly if they are connected (and once the private messaging is operational). If you wish stop someone sending you private messages you'll need to remove your connection with that person and you also have the option to block them. You can manage your connections from your dashboard. If you feel you are being in any way harrased by another member please contact us.
I can't find an article that used to be on the site? Where is it? To ensure a streamlined content focus, some of the articles which previously existed have not been added to the new realbuzz. If you would like to request a specific article which no longer exists online, then please contact us.
Do comments I have made on articles still exist? All content on the new is either brand new or a repurposed existing article, so all comments have been removed.
What's happened to my medals? We love rewarding our brilliant realbuzz community and so every time you complete one of our many challenges we will be giving you a well deserved challenge badge. Unfortunately, historical medals which you owned previously will not appear on the new site. As a member you can also add achievements for things you have have completed previously (e.g. a marathon last year) and claim online medals for those achievements.
What's happened to Maps? Maps have now been renamed 'Routes' and you can access them by the Routes link on the top navugation of the website.
What's happened to my saved runs on Maps? All your saved runs and other routes have been carried across. If you have trouble finding your routes please do contact us.
What has happened to all the bookmarked items I saved in My Scrapbook? realbuzz now offers a modernised way of organising content you enjoy and want to 'favourite' for easy future reference. Due to the new focus of content available on the website, any older articles you may have bookmarked no longer exist.
I used a pace tool on realbuzz. Where can I find it? Our pace tools will not initially be on the new realbuzz, but we will be looking to improve and re-instate them in the near future.
Am I still a premium member? Premium Membership is not a feature in the first release of the new realbuzz website. If you are a premium member, please contact us for refund information.
I used to receive a newsletter, can I subscribe again? Yes, simply sign up for our weekly newsletter at the bottom of this this page.
I've forgotten my log-in details...? If you're having trouble logging in or have forgotten your username and/or password, simply contact us and we'll be happy to assist.
Will my content still display if I delete my account? Yes, deleting your account will not result in your content being deleted from realbuzz. However, once your account is deleted, your name will not appear alongside any of your content.
Can I download my content before deleting my account? Yes, simply contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with all of your content.