Weigh up the pros and cons of joining the gym to see if the benefits of gym membership are worth the investment of your time and money.

While gyms have many benefits, often including the most up-to-date fitness machines and gym equipment, going to a gym also can cost you a significant amount each month.

While this may prove money well spent if you use it frequently, it may also prove to be wasted money if your gym or you just aren’t up to the task.

Here are the pros and cons of joining the gym to help you make an informed choice:

Pros of joining a gym

  • Professionals are on hand to offer advice on fitness and exercise.  
  • Gym sessions can optimise mental and physiological training effects.
  • Some gyms include access to spa facilities - perfect for after your workout!

Cons of joining a gym

  • Cost of joining a gym.
  • The social ambience of a particular gym is not suited to your personality.
  • The gym is overcrowded at the times you can visit and as a result you end up waiting around to use certain machines, or rush through your routine to allow other people the use of equipment.
  • Factoring in travel, changing and showering times can make your trip to the gym long.
  • You can do just as effective workouts at home (for free!)
  • A stifling environment as opposed to the open air spaces where you run.
  • In some gyms there is a lack of supervision and it is difficult to obtain advice and support.
  • All the facilities that you require are not always available.
  • Some people don’t like being watched when they workout.

Before you make your decision about joining a gym, ensure that you weigh up the positives and negatives listed above. It is also important that you investigate the gyms or fitness centres in your area by undergoing a trial session, before you commit to investing in a long-term membership.