10 Ways To The Perfect Charity Golf Day Experience

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10 Ways To The Perfect Charity Golf Day Experience

Here are a few handy tips to ensure that your charity golf day experience goes with a swing…

Here are a few handy tips to ensure that your charity golf day experience goes with a swing…


Take some golf lessons

No one likes to make complete show of themselves, and no greenkeeper will be impressed if you are taking divot after divot out of the finely manicured greens. Consider taking a few lessons before the event, particularly if you have never swung a club before.


Be golf partner-wise

Try and partner up with someone who can cover up for your poor play if you are a real novice. Alternatively, if you are playing just for fun, it may be worth partnering with someone who does not take it all too seriously, much like you.


Look the part for golf

There are often prizes for the best dressed so maybe you might find a use for those plus fours that have been sitting in your wardrobe for years. Well maybe... or there might just be a prize for the worst dressed too if you are game for a laugh or naturally sport a questionable dress sense.


Work on your long game

If your putting is poor why not work on your driving game? There are frequently prizes at such events for those able to hit nearest to the pin, so you could end up being a hero even if your short game isn't quite up to it.


Invest in some new golf clubs

You don't want to turn up looking like you've just picked up your clubs from a jumble sale. If you have purchased some new clubs, then make sure you have practiced with them to save you from being a walking representation of the tagline ‘all the gear and no idea’.


A golf trolley or caddie is a must

Okay you may be lucky enough to have the benefit of a golf buggy to cart your gear, but if you don't, there's nothing worse than carrying your heavy bag round for 18 holes. Either bring along a golf trolley, or why not bring along a caddie to do the donkey work?


Bring enough golf balls

It might sound obvious, but if you are having a bad day, there's nothing more embarrassing than running out of balls. Avoid any confusion by making sure your balls are clearly marked or identifiable.


Get to the golf course early

Don't be the one responsible for holding up the whole day or for forcing your team to have to tee off last of all. There's likely plenty of pre-round hospitality to take advantage of too, so don't miss out.


Know the format of the golf day

Are you playing 18, 27 or 36 holes of golf? It may be that you are not used to playing more than 18 holes of golf in a day, so be prepared for what can turn out to be a grueling day.


Book accommodation if possible

If you know it's going to be a long day and there are going to be drinks involved later, then take it easy and book yourself in for somewhere to stay (sometimes on the golf course resort) and really make the most of your experience.

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