5 Creative Ways To Make Your Sponsorship Page Stand Out

Want to become a successful fundraiser and stand out from the charity crowd? Then create an online sponsorship page – and make the most of it!

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Many big-hearted fundraisers have brilliant ideas, but aren’t sure how to do them justice. That’s because people often underestimate the power of their sponsorship page, which is a mistake - after all it’s your “shop window” which should be about both fun and fundraising.

So, here are a few tips on how to get those creative ‘juices’ flowing – in order to get the very best out of your fundraising page:


The key is content


Above all, its aim is to let the world know about your personal goal and passion – explaining why it is important to you – and should be to them! The livelier and more entertaining your page can be - the more popular it is sure to become… and once the word starts to spread, then the donations to your cause will surely follow.

With the aim of making your page as active as possible – don’t miss the opportunity to add photographs and videos. And don’t be shy… you should also include pictures of yourself – to personalise the page, because people are more likely to donate to someone they can see and relate to. Tell your story on why you have felt the need to support your charity and embarked on your challenge.



It might seem obvious but don’t forget to update your page as often as you can. Freshening the look of your page at regular interviews with new pictures, stories and snippets will keep viewers coming back for more. It’s also essential to keep your fundraising progress updated. Display a running total – so potential donors can see how you are doing... you never know they may consider giving even more!

If you really want to make your page stand out, you could even link it to a fundraising blog and keep people updated on your efforts and any training. This will grab people's attention and, when they see how hard you are working, it should encourage them to support your cause.


Ease of donating

Ensure your page visitors know how to donate and stress that any generous gift – large or small – will make a big difference. It’s important that they know that their donation has been noticed and appreciated. Maybe send personalised thank yous to people who donate, this will make them feel appreciated, and even encourage them to give more to your cause.

Also, why not donate to your fundraising page yourself, by doing so you are then underlining your own commitment – and by being first you can also set the benchmark for other donations. You could also allow supporters to donate by text using a service like JustTextGiving – texts are free and 100% of the donation.


Include your charity

Contact your chosen charity or cause and ask them to contribute to the content of your fundraising page. It’s certain they will be only too happy to help as this will give greater awareness of their needs. Large charities may be able to contribute with giveaway materials and literature, that will really brighten up your page. They may also be able to offer PR and marketing assistance or feature your efforts on their own website.


Share your page

Don’t forget to share your fundraising page on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Remember to email it to friends, family and work colleagues – and don’t be reluctant to send a friendly reminder. More and more charity donations are being made via social media, so be sure to share a link to your page and stress that it is very easy to do.

And finally, should you be getting close to your target, then don’t worry. Allow yourself a big smile of satisfaction and then increase it!

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