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Fundraise With A Difference

Looking to do something different when it comes to your charity fundraising event? These ideas might help you take it to the limit – if you’re brave enough!

Looking to do something different when it comes to your charity fundraising event? These ideas might help you take it to the limit – if you’re brave enough!

Once you’ve got started with fundraising you might want to raise your game and take on some more extreme or unusual challenges. These ideas will really capture people’s attention and will hopefully bring in even more money for your chosen charity. If you’re feeling brave, just pick an idea and throw yourself in!

Shave your head

Don’t just lose your hair for charity. Persuade as many of your friends and family as possible to join you. Get it done all at once at a big head shaving party. Go on, be bald!


While we’re on the subject of hair loss – how about taking waxing to the max? How much can you raise by taking all of it off – from everywhere (including your eyebrows and other places)! This is a great one for the men and could really draw in the crowds as family and friends will love donating to see you suffer!


Why not throw yourself into your charity fundraising efforts with a sponsored skydive. If you don’t want to go that high, a sponsored bungee jump could also fit the bill. There are lots of companies that offer skydives and bungee jumps, and this can be a really exhilarating way to raise some money.

Endurance events

Up for a real challenge? Why not set your sights on an ultra-marathon, a long distance open air swim or an ironman event? Not for the faint-hearted, these endurance events will test your limits, and could raise a tidy sum for the charity of your choice.

Sponsored abseil

Got a big building in the centre of town? Got a head for heights? Then why not arrange a sponsored abseil down it. The higher the better!

Activity day

Get your friends and colleagues together for an activity challenge day. Charge everyone to enter and pitch different teams against each other. You can have obstacle races and team sprints. If you really want to take this to the next level, get some teams together and go on an organised activity day. Again, ask for donations for entry and have forfeits for the less successful teams.

Charity calendar

The Calendar Girls started it all off – and it’s become an increasingly popular way of fundraising. Recruit your workmates – find a discreet photographer – and bare all with your own calendar. How saucy it  is is up to you!

Team challenge

For this you’ll need a rowing machine and four or five friends. The idea is to see how far you can travel in 24 hours as a team – non-stop. The more you row, the more you collect – taking it in turns to keep the effort going. This also works with an exercise bike. See how far across the globe you can go in a day - without leaving the room. Get out and about and take your challenge into a public place and you’ll be surprised how fast the money rolls in.

Take on a trekking challenge

Why not get involved in an extreme trek – cross the Sahara or cycle from London to Paris. The possibilities are endless and will take you across the globe.

There are specialist companies that can organise this for you. From Peru to Iceland, the challenge is there, if you’re brave enough to take it.

Tackle the peak of Kilimanjaro or trek across the Great Wall of China. You’ll raise cash and have the experience of a lifetime.

Sponsored push

A sponsored bed push through your town can be a great fundraising event. Get businesses and organisations to enter their own teams and make a race of it. And make sure everyone is in fancy dress.

If you can’t get the beds, a pram race can be just as much fun. And if you’re really feeling brave, you could take on an even bigger challenge and pull a car or a lorry through the town. Take it on on your own, or rope in your friends to help.

Get out there and make a difference

If you’re supporting an overseas charity why not combine your fundraising efforts with a trip to hand the money over personally and see the difference it is making. Use your visit to fact find and get your hands dirty – joining in working on any projects that are underway. Report back to everyone at home – including the local media - and see if your experience can kick start a new round of fundraising locally.

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