What To Expect On Race Day When Running For Charity

If you make the decision to run a marathon or equivalent for charity, then you might be wondering what you get in return on race day.

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Naturally, all the charities vary both in size and what they are able to offer to charity runners, but there are still a number of possibilities you could expect while running for charity.  

Help pre-race

It's possible, if it is raining or cold, that the charity you are running for might provide you with something to keep you dry and warm, such as waterproof poncho-style cover. They may even provide a cap or sunscreen if it is sunny, and you’ll already have been given your charity running vest or t-shirt.

Remember, it is not the responsibility of your charity to look after your kit bag or other belongings. Instead, this is taken care of by the race organisers, who will keep your belongings in secure storage and then have them available to you near the finish line after the race has ended.

Help during the race

Most of the major charities will have cheering points where their supporters gather to help give you some encouragement when the going gets tough. Don't underestimate how much difference these cheering points can be to your motivation, and the charity supporters will know you are running for their cause as you'll be wearing the running top you have been provided with.

The charity may also be able to offer advice to your own supporters and family concerning the best points on the course for spectating, and they may also provide them with caps, ponchos, flags and other products branded with the charity's name. When it comes to drinks provided during the race, the race organisers should have an ample supply to keep you fuelled with the fluids you require at regular drinks stations throughout the course.

Post-race charity support

On reaching the finish line, you'll have a moment to savour completing your run, but then have to think about locating your family and your belongings. Quite a few of the major charities organise a reception area close to the finish where you'll easily be able to locate your family and friends.

Some of the charities are able to provide assistance after the race, often in the form of massages, showers, and food. This gives you an opportunity to recover and and reflect on what you've participated in with your fellow charity runners.

To find a charity you could potentially run for then browse the charity listings.

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