10 Tips To Fake A Slimmer Figure

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10 Tips To Fake A Slimmer Figure

While exercise and healthy eating are the best routes to getting the body you want, sometimes we could all do with a helping hand, check out these tips for faking a slimmer figure.

While exercise and healthy eating are the best routes to getting the body you want, sometimes we could all do with a helping hand, check out these tips for faking a slimmer figure.


Wear some slimming underwear

To drop a dress size instantly, take a tip from the celebs and choose some slimming underwear. While they might not be the sexiest of items once your clothes come off, underneath your outfit they will miraculously smooth out lumps and bumps and pull in any wobbly bits, giving the illusion of a firmer, slimmer body.


Dress for your body shape

Wearing tight, ill-fitting clothes is one of the worst things you can do if you are hoping to look slim. Rather than trying to squeeze into items that don’t suit your body shape, take some time to think about what suits your figure. Dresses that are nipped in at the waist and skim over the stomach and thighs can flatter curvier figures, for example, while those with larger legs may want to avoid calf-high boots. Learn what emphasizes your best parts for an instantly slimming wardrobe.


Pay attention to posture

Improving your posture and standing straighter and taller is one of the easiest ways to look instantly slimmer. Improving your core stability and the flexibility of your spine through exercises such as yoga and Pilates can improve posture. Also, try to pay attention to the general position of your body as you sit or move around, trying to pull your shoulders back and avoid slouching as much as possible.


Banish bloating

It’s possible to cheat your way to a slimmer frame prior to a special event with some careful eating. To prevent bloating, on the day of your big event limit your intake of high-fiber foods, such as certain fruit and veg, beans and grains, which are renowned for causing intestinal gas.

Also avoid salt, carbonated drinks and chewing gum, all of which can cause bloating and prevent you looking your best. Try also taking charcoal capsules, which can help to eliminate gas which causes bloating.


Get a fake tan

Not only can fake tan make you look instantly slimmer all over, a bit of strategic bronzing can also easily enhance specific body parts and create the illusion of a better body. To create the appearance of slimmer legs, apply a bit of bronzer down the sides of your legs and some shimmer lotion down your shins.


Learn how to pose for photos

To make sure you look slim in all your photographs, try the classic celeb pose of turning your body three quarters of the way towards the camera, with one shoulder closer to the camera and one foot in front of the other. This will make you body appear slimmer than if you were facing the camera face on. Try keeping your back straight with your shoulders back and your stomach.


Wear heels

While it is inadvisable to wear heels on a day to day basis, if you want to look slimmer for a big night out, swapping flats for heels can make all the difference. Heels make your legs look longer and they also make legs appear more toned. For a more comfortable alternative, try opting for kitten heels or wedges. Also, avoid shoes with ankle straps which can make legs appear chunkier.


Have a last-minute workout

While a regular workout routine is the best route to a slimmer figure, if you want to fake a better body in a short amount of time, some last-minute toning can help. Emphasise any muscles that may be on show (or your stomach muscles for flatter abs) with some last-minute targeted exercises, such as sit-ups, lunges and bicep curls. The rush of blood to your muscles will temporarily tighten them to leave them looking more defined.


Accessorize your outfit

If you’re feeling self-conscious about perceived problem areas, try to divert attention with detail. If you’re paranoid about your arms, a shrug can help to cover them up while adding some color and detail to your outfit, while an accessory such as a scarf, brooch or necklace can help to draw the eyes up towards the face rather than on areas of the body you may feel self-conscious about.


Try a body wrap treatment

While having a body wrap will not result in lasting weight loss, this treatment can help you to look slimmer short term before a big event. There are many different types of body wraps, including moisturizing and detoxifying wraps, but slimming wraps – where the body is slathered in detoxifying ingredients and wrapped in cotton bandages – can help to reduce fluid retention, helping you to temporarily feel and look thinner.