10 Ways To Disguise A Hangover At Work

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10 Ways To Disguise A Hangover At Work

The only thing worse than feeling hung-over is feeling hung-over and facing a day at the office, so if you find yourself in this sticky situation we have a few top tips to keep you energised and looking fabulous.

The only thing worse than feeling hung-over is feeling hung-over and facing a day at the office, so if you find yourself in this sticky situation we have a few top tips to keep you energised and looking fabulous.

Hangover food

You might be thinking; food is the last thing on my mind. However, it is better to eat something than to leave your vodka-induced stomach screaming out in hunger and pain.  Read these following food tips to increase your energy, improve your concentration and to provide, if not complete soberness, a facade of complete health.  


Why not take the most natural hangover cure in the form of a banana. A banana is not only easy to peel but it contains natural sugars, called fructose, which help your body with energy. It also has good amounts of potassium, which is a mineral that gets depleted when you drink excessively. Bananas contain antacids which can help your nausea and stomach pains – so if you’re planning a big boozy night out stock up that fruit bowl!  

Ginger tea

If you really feel you can’t stomach food and you’re feeling really nauseous, grate some fresh ginger into a mug of boiling water. Ginger has been proven to settle the stomach and soothes the symptoms of drinking alcohol, so after a seriously heavy night out on the town get out a sprig.

Extra strong mints

This is a must. After brushing your teeth the minty fresh taste only lasts so long and, while a smell of alcohol might be a friendly reminder of the night, it’s a big no for working time, so banish that beer breath.  

Hangover medication

Herbal remedies can be just as effective as painkillers. Try not to pump your system full of unnecessary products; you did enough of that last night. Herbal remedies can help soothe your aches and pains.  

Herbal remedies

Evening primrose oil can help reduce stomach and liver discomfort. Another option is that of the thyme hot drink; pop a couple of thyme leaves in hot water with a drop of honey, as thyme helps soothe tense and tired muscles and will help you say goodbye to any stomach problems you might be having too.  


If that headache is determined to give you grief, Ibuprofen painkillers kick in soon after you take them. Also, keep topped up with your water in between doses. The simple explanation for alcohol-related headaches is that you are dehydrated; ethanol, a toxic component in alcohol, triggers frequent urination, which results in dehydration.  

Masking the appearance of a hangover

Let’s be honest, you could have eaten and drank the right stuff all day but if you still look dodgy on the outside everyone in the office is sure to catch on, so keep them in the dark with these next tips.  

Remove the evidence

When you get home, no matter the time, get rid of that makeup and apply a thin layer of moisturiser. The moisturiser will help hydrate your face while you sleep, and taking your makeup off the same night will leave you one less job to do in the morning when you can barely open your eyes.  

Splash of cold water

Before you do anything in the morning, splash your face with cold water as this temporarily tightens pores and is a great way to wake up quickly, especially after an hour’s sleep. This will help you get ready with a clear mind for the day ahead.  

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a little lifesaver in moments of dire panic. No one wants to be caught sporting the grease monkey look so spray on some dry shampoo. A warning, though: do not go mad with the spray. If you’re not careful – especially brunettes – your roots will turn a fetching white colour, so rub it in well!  

Puffy eyes

To disguise your puffy eyes use the good old cold tea bag trick to reduce the swelling; this will minimise the whispering in work and make you feel fresh and ready for your gruelling day at the office.  

Don’t go too heavy with the makeup

It will be a bit odd if you heavily paint on your makeup in a Kate Winslet Oscar style. Your skin might be dry so avoid the powdery foundation because it might cling to the dry skin on your face. Instead, just apply a layer of moisturiser; keeping your skin and body hydrated is a must.