5 Easy Steps To Make The Most Of Your Life

Life has a funny way of escaping us, which is why it’s so important we regularly stop to take some time to enjoy the little things and to make the most of every day. But where do you start?

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Here are five things to try that might just help you make the most of life:  


Make the time

For many of us, our busy schedules and working life get in the way of really making the most of our lives. We convince ourselves we don’t have an hour to spare to call a friend or an afternoon at the weekend to take some time out, so it’s important you ‘schedule’ some time for those extras.

Something as simple as booking in the diary one evening a week, to turn off all electronics and sit down with a friend or to plan a trip somewhere new is all it takes to really make the most of the life you’re living. Removing distractions and focusing on a task will ensure you manage time better, and you’ll come to realise that scrolling Instagram for an hour or lying on the sofa watching re-runs of an old show on TV is a less than productive use of your time.


Set big goals

Goal setting is meant to challenge us, so to really make the most of the life you’re living it’s time to aim big. A goal is something that can give your day-to-day life more purpose, as it is likely to require regular training or practice to achieve. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to climb a mountain? Or perform on stage? Or run a full marathon? Achieve your goals by dedicating any spare time to perfecting your technique or completing smaller/shorter versions of the final event.

You can be as vocal or as discreet about these goals as you like, but most people find they actually achieve them if they tell friends and family, who will then encourage and support their aims. You never know, they might even join you on your journey!


Take care of yourself

Life is better lived if you take care of your mind and body, to ensure you aren’t held back. Making healthier choices when it comes to food is a great way of taking care of yourself. As well as ensuring you feel good, it’ll giving you the energy and drive to try out new things. Start by making small healthy lifestyle changes.

This could be attempting to drink the recommended six to eight glasses of fluid every day, eating more fruit and vegetables and getting in our 10,000 steps – although recent studies have suggested the recommended amount could be closer to 15,000!


Try out a new hobby

Finding a hobby you enjoy is no easy feat. But if you do discover a new activity that you love, you can use this as an opportunity to advance your skill sets, make new friends and live purposefully. It doesn’t have to be a sport, there are a multitude of potential new hobbies that don’t involve a gym kit for those rest days, such as watercolour painting, gardening or calligraphy. There’s a whole world of hobbies to take up, so try out a few that pique your interest to discern what works for you.

This pastime doesn’t necessarily have to be a new one. If you once enjoyed playing an instrument but have fallen out of practice, why not take this up again? Or, perhaps you were once an excellent runner but haven’t pulled on your trainers in a long time?

Picking up something you once enjoyed is a great way of introducing a little extra fun into your life, and a good way of improving your physical and mental wellbeing too.


Try ‘reframing’ things

It’s so easy to get caught up in a moment, to focus on negatives and let it bring down your whole day – or even week. It’s a good idea when something bad happens to take a moment to ‘reframe’ it. This means asking yourself: ‘Is this a problem I will still be worrying about in a year? In a month? In a week?’ and backtracking until you recognise just how serious – or trivial – it really is.

It is an excellent technique for putting things into perspective and a great way of allowing yourself a moment of reflection, before jumping straight back into living life to the fullest again! It lets you look at a situation in a completely different way and allows you to come up with a new way to tackle it.

If you do just one thing today, try out a tips featured above and attempt to really make the most of life.