7 New Health Trends You Need To Try

Looking to revamp your healthy living routine? While some health and fitness trends aren’t worth your money or time, we’ve narrowed down 7 we think are worth a go.

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Many health and fitness crazes turn out to be passing fads. However, some recent health trends seem to be here to stay. Here’s why you should take a look...


Dance classes

Following on from the big Zumba craze of the last few years, fun and fast-paced dance classes such as SH’BAM and Bokwa are set to remain on trend. These cardio workouts are the perfect way to burn fat and get fit while having fun dancing along to your favourite chart-topping hits.

They are also the perfect introduction for new exercisers looking for something fun and fresh that is easy to get into, as well as a great option for fitness fanatics looking to shake up their workout routine.


Health drinks

Quench your thirst and improve your wellbeing at the same time with a health-boosting cold drink. For a low calorie alternative to soft drinks, try sipping on some coconut water. It is ultra-hydrating and ideal after a workout because of its levels of essential electrolytes including calcium, potassium and magnesium.

For a lift try a natural drink containing energy-boosting herbs such as guarana, ginseng and green tea.


Novelty races

If you don’t fancy taking on a traditional marathon or half-marathon run why not go for a novelty race? There are a growing number of weird and wacky races out there, including zombie 5ks, where the ‘undead’ chase you through a forest, underwater marathons and even backwards running events.

Colour runs are also proving very popular - and there’s even a doughnut run if that takes your fancy!


Organic skincare

Organic and natural skin products are everywhere now, from the high street to online stores and filling the pages of glossy magazines. This health and beauty trend is also more than just a fad. Using chemical-based skin products can irritate the skin and lead to premature ageing.

They can also be bad for your health, as many products are found to contain potentially harmful chemicals that are transmitted through the skin into the bloodstream.


Fitness apps

Fitness apps have revolutionised many of our workouts and healthy living regimes. With the help of a handy app on your mobile, you can now keep track of everything, from your exercise to your eating habits, and get advice at the same time.

While some of these apps may cost, many of them are free, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on nutritional advice.


Alternative teas

Sales of green and herbal teas have continued to soar in recent years, with supermarkets, tea rooms and coffee shops now stocking a wide variety of different flavours. As well as offering a tasty alternative to coffee, tea and sugary drinks, herbal teas have health benefits.

Green tea is a good source of antioxidants which can help to prevent disease and premature ageing, while herbal teas can help with various conditions including digestive problems, anxiety and skin complaints.


Playful workouts

According to a survey by the American Cancer Society, 40 per cent of women would exercise more if it felt less of a chore. So why not take a look at the fun fitness trend? Gyms and health clubs have brought out a range of classes that feel more like reliving your childhood games than working out.

Give hula hooping, cheerobics (cheerleading combined with aerobics) and ballet-inspired workouts a go. And if you don’t feel like working out in public, do it at home. Invest in a trampoline, skipping rope or hula hoop for a playful yet effective workout.