Best Health Apps For Men

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Best Health Apps For Men

Challenge yourself, with the best health apps for men. Whether you're bored of your workouts or in need of a little motivation, these are the 7 to try.

Challenge yourself, with the best health apps for men. Whether you're bored of your workouts or in need of a little motivation, these are the 7 to try.

A life of clean eating and exercise comes with its challenges. With so much temptation around, what's stopping you from grabbing a family-size bag of crisps and retreating to the sofa? Nothing. Well, that's if you haven't got the right apps to hand.

Smartphones have enabled digital savvy gym-goers across the globe to push their workouts even harder, and keep track of their fitness.

Combining need-to-read training tips and #healthie recipes at the touch of a button; if you haven't got a personal trainer to power and motivate your workout, apps are the next best thing. And to top it off, they're completely free! Well at least these 7 are.

No excuses! Check out these apps, today.

Fitocracy Macros

A calorie counting app with a difference; Fitocracy Macros digs deeper into your diet by taking note of what micronutrients you need to stay fit, healthy and not hungry vs. what you're actually consuming. This is useful for those looking to lose weight, and also for men who want to bulk up/build muscle. The app makes calorie-counting more manageable by eliminating the typical side effects of dieting, like irritability and fatigue. Instead, it promotes the best micros needed for great health.

Zombies, Run!

Inject some fun back into your workout and hit a new PB with Zombies, Run! If you hate running with music, but the sound of passing traffic/your neighbours' chitchat doesn't inspire you to run faster - call on the zombies! Simply plug in your earphones, listen out for the zombies impeding footsteps and rattling groan, and run for your life. 1.5 million+ runners use this audio drama to get the adrenalin going, and really pick up the pace. Nothing works up a sweat quite like a zombie attack.

Runtastic Six-Pack Abs

If you've no interest in improving your cardio, and just want a well-defined core, Runtastic Six-Pack Abs is for you. It's proved a resounding success with its users, for its 'high quality avatars' and HD videos that guide you, step-by-step, through each exercise. Don't worry, it caters to all levels of ability, with 50 instructional workout clips to choose from. Oblique twists, planks, traditional sit-ups; you name it - this app has all the core-challenging moves you need to sculpt amazing abs.


If you're always out to beat your last PB, download Strava - it's one of the best tracking apps around. Ask any keen runner or cyclist, and they're sure to have Strava on their smartphone; ready to keep them company on their next outing. The app describes itself 'as a community of athletes' that allows like-minded cycling/running enthusiasts to connect, compete and share their own  fitness journeys, through inspiring images and record times. It's great motivation to get you through a tough run.  


If nutrition isn't your strong point, use ShopWell. We all know that a healthy diet is crucial to supplementing an effective training plan, but food labels can get pretty confusing. Separate health fact from fiction, and read up on all the food facts you need to know to maximise your diet. Taking your unique needs into consideration, ShopWell provide personalised food scores; highlighting which products work best with your diet and which to avoid. Forget shopping lists; you need ShopWell.   

Sleep Bug  

If you struggle to drift off to sleep, download Sleep Bug to get the rest you need. Poor sleep can seriously harm your goals to get fit and healthy - it can spark symptoms of depression, make you more susceptible to weight gain and leave you drained of energy. A great night's sleep is priceless. To get yours, transport yourself to the beach, a zen garden or an ambient forest, with the relaxing sounds of Sleep Bug. Let it be your night-time soundtrack; you'll soon achieve a sound night's sleep.  


MapMyFitness was created to make fitness social, allowing athletes of all abilities worldwide, to map, record and share their unique routes, and inspire others to do the same. It's one of the most popular fitness apps to date, providing an accessible format that's engaging/gets results. Users can even challenge friends to a fitness challenge, or use the exclusive 'gear tracker' - if you're in need of a new pair of running shoes, MapMyFitness will let you know. It's the perfect workout buddy.