How To Ditch Your Make-Up And Still Look Hot

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How To Ditch Your Make-Up And Still Look Hot

Check out these tips to find out how you can get the confidence to ditch your make-up and still look hot.

Check out these tips to find out how you can get the confidence to ditch your make-up and still look hot.

Smile like a superstar

Other than the odd pap shot superstars smile a lot. Why? It turns out that smiling makes you more beautiful. Research has found that being able to genuinely smile could be better than splurging thousands on the best make-up on the market. In studies, scientists found that those people who smiled more were considered more attractive. Plus psychology advisor Art Markman, PhD says that “People who smile are often friendlier, have a better sense of humor and are more socially engaging”.

Get the eyebrows

All the queens of natural beauty know that eyebrows make a huge different to your face and if you get the right brows you can instantly look hot. If you have a long face and would like to make it look shorter choose a flat brow shape. If you have a round face then choose a brow shape with a high arch and if you have a heart shaped face, choose brows that balance your face by creating a soft curved arch.


Limber up and slide into your sun salutation and the downward dog ladies because yoga makes us all look like goddesses. There are loads of benefits to yoga but one of the less publicised perks to doing the locust is that yoga stimulates blood flow and promotes fresh looking skin. It also helps you build a strong core, which in turn will stop you from using your hands to prop up your head when you sit down. This is great because leaning on your hands is bad for your skin and can age you.

Never commit the cardinal sin

The ultimate rule for those bound by the laws of natural beauty is that you must always, always cleanse and tone with good quality products. Trust us, cleansing and toning your skin twice a day will help you have the confidence to head out bare faced. Choose a cream cleanser if you have dry skin, a lotion for normal skin and a gel for oily skin. Rosewater also acts as a great natural toner.

Wear red

A study by Rochester psychologists has revealed something that we girls have been suspicious of for a while – guys can be primitive beings. If you want to ditch your make-up and still make men’s heads turn as you walk down the street you should spruce up your wardrobe with a few red items. In the study men found women who wore red more attractive and wanted to treat them to more expensive dates.

Block out the sun

Sometimes there can be nothing better than stretching out in the sun and soaking up some warm rays and getting a good dose of vitamin D but, beware, the sun has ulterior motives. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays can harm your skin, ageing you and damaging your pretty face. So, to combat these harmful rays use a natural or organic sunblock. If you are prone to breakouts use a sunblock that is oil-free and non-comedogenic. Also wear sunglasses that protect your eyes too.

Get great posture

Bad posture means bad news for your look. If you slouch, slump and hunch stop. Not only does it make you look less attractive, it causes all sorts of problems for your spine, knees, shoulders and hips. To get better posture stretch out your chest muscles and strengthen your back muscles. Try out the reverse fly and the dumbbell row. When you are out and about you should also pull your shoulders back and adopt the looking over the wall stance – keeping your head up as if you’re looking over a wall.

Get the mindset

If you want to ditch your make-up and still look hot you have to get the right mindset. Focus on being happy, fulfilled and confident. If you manage to achieve these qualities your beauty will shine through and you will instantly look younger, prettier and more attractive without any make-up, surgery or other nastiness. Beauty should also never be a priority. It is a part of life, but it should not be allowed to dominate over more important aspects. Enjoy yourself and you’ll soon feel like a million dollars.