5 Amazing Tough Mudder Breakfasts

The experts suggest a balance of easily digestible carbs and some light proteins before any event. With this in mind we’ve created a list of the top five breakfasts every mudder should try before their Tough Mudder trial.

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To complete a Tough Mudder and take ownership of a prized orange headband you will have to go through the pain barrier at some stage - but don’t let that pain be your stomach cramping or your head pounding from dehydration.

Let the nausea be in anticipation of a well-earned event completion, not the fact that you ate the wrong thing before your Tough Mudder.


Power food shakes

Great for those mudders who get a dodgy stomach pre-event. Here’s our favourites:

Kiwi-blueberry shake

This shake is a great way to start your event fuel up. Kiwi’s are a great source of potassium which keeps your electrolytes in balance, and your blood pressure down, so you can rest assured that when the going gets tough you’re good to keep going. Worried about the pain? Don’t be. Blueberries are high in Salicylic acid; aka the natural aspirin, they are also great natural anti inflammatories.

  • 8oz/225g kiwi
  • 8oz/225g blueberries (frozen or raw)
  • 4oz/115g low-fat cottage cheese or protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon flax or Chia
  • ½ pint/250ml low-fat milk (cow, soy, or almond) or water

Banana shake

A well known fitness food, the banana has a bunch of pre-challenge benefits. The potassium within a banana can give you a helping hand in reducing muscle cramps during the event, while the carbs within the fruit will help you be at your best for longer, slowly releasing the energy you need to conquer those obstacles. If you feel like trying something new, try blitzing the whole banana, peel-and-all. The peel contains even more potassium along with serotonin - a mood-boosting agent that can keep mudders positive.

  • 1 banana
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon peanut or almond butter or 1 tablespoon flax or chia seeds
  • ½ pint/250ml low-fat milk (cow, soy, or almond) or water

Don’t like these? You could always make your own, just make sure you get the balance of potassium, carbs and protein right, to give yourself the best chance at completing the course.



Extremely high in protein that helps maintain healthy muscular activity, this blood sugar stabiliser can keep those mid-race slumps in energy on the backburner, letting you plow on longer until the your aid station checkpoint! They also go great with practically any fruit, making it useful and delicious.


Peanut butter sandwich

Ever found yourself slumping in the middle of a race, or wishing your legs had that little extra oomph after the five mile mark? Having a peanut butter sandwich on wholemeal brown bread for breakfast could be the answer you’ve been looking for.’

It is a great source of protein, vital for muscle repair and maintenance. Two tablespoons can provide you with up to 0.2oz/8g of protein. It also helps you feel fuller for longer and releases a sustained amount of energy, so no stomach cramps for the mudders that choose this option.


Greek yoghurt with fruit and granola or wholegrain toast

With double the amount of protein that can be found in your standard yoghurt Greek yoghurt is a top choice for the muscle conscious mudders. It also contains less sugar than your standard yoghurt meaning a prolonged distribution of energy - perfect for participants who hit the mid-challenge wall. Fruit gives you a bit of flavour and the granola provides the carbs needed for that extra boost. If you’re not a fan of granola then a couple of slices of wholegrain toast is a great substitute.


Eggs and avocado on toast

If eggs aren’t already your breakfast buddy, then make them! Pound for pound they contain the highest quality protein on the planet - the optimum choice for those looking for maximum muscle activity during their run. Avocados work like a sponge for phytochemicals - the stuff that helps your body get the most out of the food you eat, they are also high in antioxidants that help red blood cell growth. That means you can have more of the little red cells, carrying oxygen to vital areas of your body during the challenge, which, you guessed it, let’s you keep going for longer.

Wholegrain toast gives you the carb load out necessary for a great start to your event.