Choosing The Correct Sports Bra To Run In

A decent sports bra is important for any form of exercise, but particularly for long distance running. Read on to find out how to get the right bra for you and your running.

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If you are planning on training for a major event, then it is likely that you'll need more than one sports bra. It is suggested by some manufacturers that a sports bra with moderate use will need replacing every three to four months. For more frequent use, such as training for a marathon, or when you are of a larger cup size (when the elastic may deteriorate faster), will mean that you need to replace it more frequently.

So how do I know what bra is the best fit?

A sports bra should be a snug fit. It should not be so tight that there are bits of you bulging over the top, sides or back. As a rule, you should only be able to insert one or two fingers under the band or into the cup.

How can I tell when the sports bra needs replacing?

The clearest sign that your bra needs replacing is when it doesn't seem to perform as well as when you first bought it. This will be evident when there is increased movement of the bust, but this may be difficult to spot because the change in fit will be gradual. A clear sign of a bra needing replacing is when a previously comfortable bra starts to rub.

One thing to bear in mind is while you are training, it is possible that your weight will change and as a result your bra size will also change. You will then need to buy a new sports bra of the correct size.

Recommended bras for you to check out depending on your cup size.

The most important factors are comfort and support:

A cup: Sportjock ActionSport or Falke Full Support Bra or Dans-ez Minimal Bounce

B cup: Shock Absorber range B517 (most supportive) or B102, B5107, B972, B518 or Moving Comfort Mesh Underwire or Anita Full Support

C cup: Champion ActionShape, Anita Full Support, Panache Hi Impact Bra

D cup and above: Panache Hi Impact Bra, Enell Sports Bra

Like feet when trying to get the correct running shoes, everyone’s bust is different and what works for one woman may not work for all, even if they have the same size bust. Therefore it is important to ensure your bra fits as comfortably as your running shoes. Bras do not require ‘running in’ in the same way as trainers, but don't wear a new bra on race day unless you've road tested it beforehand.

When purchasing a new sports bra, try it on and do some running on the spot to ensure it is the correct fit. Do the same with every sports bra you buy even if the bra is an exact replacement as there can be discrepancies between supposedly identical bras.