Inspirational London Marathon Charity Runner Quotes

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Inspirational London Marathon Charity Runner Quotes

If you are in need of inspiration for your charity running challenge, here are a few runners from past London Marathons telling us their thoughts about the big day.

If you are in need of inspiration for your charity running challenge, here are a few runners from past London Marathons telling us their thoughts about the big day.

A great experience that I will never forget, so proud to have helped the NAS. Thank you for the overwhelming support I received.
-Geoff Hurst, National Autistic Society runner

I just wanted to thank your team for the organization and support given to the runners on Sunday for the London Marathon. The day was fabulous, and made even better by the enthusiasm and noisy support given by the Sense team. The cheering at the support points was wonderful and helped lift weary legs. Your post-race reception was just what was needed and the massage was out of this world!
-Mike Carr, Newcastle

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for all your support on Sunday. It was so great to get lots of cheers for the Guide Dogs along the course, and to be met and guided (bag carried!) to the GD reception at the end was just fantastic. My family couldn't believe the royal treatment and were also most impressed! Thanks again for all the support and the reception on Sunday. It was great!
- Nik Pilbrow, London

A memorable experience – the friendly and informative support pre, during and post race made it a day I will never forget.
-Anonymous runner

The support I received from Sue Ryder made the whole marathon process as pain free as I think it could have been! Meeting the team at the London Marathon training day meant I really got to feel part of a team and I felt supported by the other runners and everyone at Sue Ryder. The regular phone calls and emails asking after my training progress, fundraising and injury worries helped keep me motivated through to the end of the training schedule and swapping tips with the marathon veterans helped shake off more than a few last minute worries. As for the day itself seeing the sea of orange as I came over Tower Bridge is a sight I'll never forget, nor the taste of champagne after a dehydrating 26.2 mile run!!
-Kate Wheeler, Sue Ryder Care runner

Running the London Marathon is a fantastic experience and running for a charity such as The NAS makes it really worthwhile. The support from NAS on the day keeps you going!
-Trevor Maguire, National Autistic Society Runner

Just a quick mail to thank you and the orange sense army on a brilliant London Marathon day. I was unable to go to the post race reception but the support on the course really spurred me on. Managed under 4 hours as well so that was a bonus! I'd love to do it again for Sense next year. Thanks again.
-Matt Macklin, Hants

Thank you all & all of your colleagues for the fantastic support, help & encouragement you gave to us, Runners & supporter alike, over the Marathon weekend. You really made us feel so special and so much a part of the Guide Dogs Running Team. I cannot tell you how much it meant to us and we are really, really grateful to you.
-Bob Boswell, Norfolk

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! To all the team at Sense for all the wonderful support throughout the marathon training and race – brilliant!
-Shanna Ritchie, Surrey

Take everything that you have ever heard about the marathon experience, double it and you are somewhere near the true sense of achievement.
-Peter Roberts, National Autistic Society runner

Thank you for your support over the weekend in London. The back up and support which you provided from the start of the training right up until crossing the finishing line in London has been second to none. Thank you for making my dream of running the London Marathon come true – Go Guide Dogs!
-Paul Chapman, Bournemouth

It was a fantastic experience – and it was great when I saw someone else running in a NAS vest, I'd catch them up and have a chat, it made me feel like part of a team!
-Daphne Hall, National Autistic Society Runner