History Of Squash

Squash is a fantastic participation sport, yet to date has failed to make it’s mark at the Olympics Games. Here are some of the historical landmarks that have marked the progression of squash over the years.

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Squash timeline

1830 - Squash was invented in Harrow school when the pupils started playing with a punctured rackets ball, which “squashed” on impact with the wall.  

1864 - The first four Squash courts were constructed at Harrow school and Squash was officially founded as a sport in its own right.  

1886 - The first set of rules were formulated.  

1911 - Standard measurements of the court were laid down.  

1922 - The first major championships for women were held in England.  

1923 - The first major championships for men were held in England.  

1928 - The Squash Rackets Association (SRA) was founded.  

1930 - The British Open Championships were first held.  

1934 - The Women's Squash Rackets Association (WSRA) was founded.  

1950 - Janet Morgan (Shardlow), wins the first of her 10 'Open' titles.  

1951 - Hashim Khan wins his first 'Open' Championships and the Khan family then dominates the tournament until 1963.  

1961 - Heather Blundell (McKay) wins the first of her sixteen 'Open' titles.  

1966 - Representatives of the sport from a number of countries including Australia, Great Britain, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, USA and Canada meet in London and agree to form the International Squash Rackets Federation (ISRF).  

1967 - Jonah Barrington wins the first of his six 'Open' titles.  

1967 - Geoff Hunt of Australia wins the first ISRF World Individual Championship.  

1969 - Geoff Hunt of Australia wins the first of his eight 'Open' titles.  

1973 - Edinburgh hosts the first European men's team championship.

1974 - Geoff Hunt wins the first World Open Championships for men.  

1976 - Heather McKay wins the first World Open Championships for women.  

1978 - Amsterdam hosts the first European women's team championships.

1979 - The distinction between Amateurs and Professionals is abolished.  

1980 - Jahangir Khan wins the first of his 10 'Open' titles.  

1985 - The ISRF was amalgamated with the Women’s International Squash Federation.  

1992 - The ISRF changed name to the World Squash Federation (WSF).

2005 - Squash makes shortlist of two (with karate) for inclusion in the Olympics Games but fails to get the two-thirds majority required for approval.

2009 - Squash misses out on inclusion in the Olympic Games for Rio 2016 - with golf and Rugby7s being approved instead.

2015 - Squash fails to make the final list of sports being considered for addition to the 2020 Games in Japan.

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