10 celeb beach bodies and how to get one

Top 10 hottest celebrity bodies

We’ve all been there; ogling at immaculate images of celebs on their holidays, with their near to perfect bodies. They are a fine breed, indeed, but there’s no reason why you can’t look the same with a little bit of work and dedication. Take inspiration from these ten celebrity beach bodies and turn your envy into your own body confidence.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is the ultimate beach babe – true to her Californian roots she is a surf chick and ‘at one’ with the sea. Since her bikini-clad entrance in Charlie’s Angels, women have admired her tight torso and sculpted upper arms. To achieve a bod like hers, become a fan of outdoors exercise; she enjoys surfing which is a huge calorie burner and stomach toner. Cameron also mixes up her exercises, such as snowboarding or assault courses to give her body all over tone.


With toned curves like Beyoncé, there’s no wonder she is top in the beach body stakes. Even when she’s not on the beach, Beyoncé’s stage outfits can be just as revealing as a bikini so she keeps in shape with hours of dancing as well as weight training. She embraces her natural curves while maintaining discipline by exercising regularly and only having the occasional treat – there are no short cuts to a body like Beyoncé’s so be disciplined.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is not camera shy when it comes to revealing his toned torso; many a film role has seen him shirtless and his holiday snaps always reveal his six pack. This beach hunk is a fan of circuit training and combines exercises such as sprints and pull-ups. He shows that you don’t need high-end fitness equipment to get into shape as he uses his own body weight to tone up with exercises such as push-ups and single-leg squats. Often seen running with his dogs, cardio also plays an important part in his regime.

Zac Efron

After years of those high-energy dance routines and basketball games for the High School Musical films, Zac is definitely in good shape. But now that his dancing days are behind him, Zac is a fan of using his own body weight in resistance maneuvers to tone him chest and upper arms. By using harnesses on kiddies’ playground frames he gains muscle tone by using his whole body as a resistance weight. Zac enjoys exercise so when bulking up for film roles he is the trainer’s dream client.

celeb body on beach

Ryan Reynolds

The owner of one of the world’s most envied rippled stomachs, Ryan Reynolds first appeared on the beach body radar after appearing in the film Blade: Trinity, after transforming his body for the role by gaining 20 pounds in muscle. This star follows a healthy, protein rich diet, eating small meals every two to three hours to keep his energy levels up without storing fat. The key to his abs, though, is using them to anchor him when doing leg raises using an exercise ball between his feet.

Daniel Craig

When he emerged from the sea in his James Bond debut, everyone’s eyes were focused on two things; Daniel Craig’s torso and his bulked-up arms. Circuit training is what is said to explain the hunk’s beach bod, with a combination of squats, barbell curls and bench presses. By eliminating refined carbohydrates after 2pm he was able to use the energy he consumed immediately and maintain his metabolism.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston certainly holds the years back through her squeaky clean diet and fitness regime. A fan of the Atkins diet, her years of yoga – including hatha yoga – have given Jennifer the strong and slim figure that make her beach-babe worthy. She does her exercising first thing in the morning as she feels that is the best way to kick-start your metabolism and keep you in a healthy mind set for the day.

David Beckham

An obvious choice, perhaps, but David Beckham is more than worthy of a beach body title. Unfortunately, a ripped torso like David’s doesn’t appear overnight meaning you will need to put in the same amount of cardio as he does. The hours of training Beckham endures is the reason for his immaculate physique, and running around after his kids is sure to keep him trim, so the key here is to stay active and constantly on the go.

Jessica Alba

This Hollywood starlet is a regular in beach paparazzi shots – but who would blame photographers for wanting to capture those killer abs and teeny waist? Alba is famed for snapping so quickly back into shape post pregnancy, which she achieved through long gym workouts and 1,200 calorie meals. To ensure she makes the most of her time in the gym she will listen to music, read magazines, chat with fitness buddies and watch television to prevent boredom and make her work for longer.

Kim Kardashian

Renowned for her curves, Kim Kardashian’s tiny waist and toned thighs are the result of eating a balanced diet with the occasional treat, but minus the alcohol, which usually is the bloat culprit. She aims to stay fit for the long term so she is not one for fad diets and quick fixes. However, she is fan of following how she feels in her own skin, and not by weighing herself. To her, the size of her clothes doesn’t matter –it’s all about balance.

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