10 health trends you need to try

Revamp your healthy living routine

While some health and fitness trends aren’t worth your money or time, we’ve narrowed down 10 health trends which we think are worth a go. Whether you want to revamp your workout routine, improve your appearance or enhance your sense of wellbeing, here are 10 health trends you need to try.

10 health trends you need to try

Dance workouts

Following on from the big Zumba craze of the last few years, fun and fast-paced dance classes such as SH’BAM and Bokwa are set to remain a big fitness trend. These cardio workouts are the perfect way to burn fat and get fit while having fun dancing along to your favourite chart-topping hits. They are also the perfect introduction for new exercisers looking for something fun and fresh that is easy to get into, as well as a great option for fitness fanatics looking to shake up their workout routine.

Alkaline eating

There seems to be a new fad diet hitting the headlines every week; however, the alkaline diet is more than just a weight loss fad – it’s a healthy approach to eating. The alkaline diet is based on the concept that maintaining an alkaline pH level in the body can help to prevent disease, boost digestion and improve overall wellbeing. Followers of the diet – reportedly including Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Anniston – also claim to notice visible benefits such as weight loss and clear skin. While the diet has its doubters, switching to a diet high in vegetables and low in red meat, sugar and caffeine can certainly be no bad thing.

Novelty races

If marathons and traditional running races don’t capture your fancy, why not try out the trend for novelty races? Taking a twist on one of the oldest forms of exercise around, there are many weird and wonderful races out there today for runners of all abilities to choose from. These include zombie 5ks (in which “zombies” chase you through a forest), underwater marathons and even backwards running events. You name it, you can run it (most probably!).

Sugar-free diets

More of us than ever are leaning towards diet that are low in sugar, and there are many good reasons you should consider going sugar-free. Firstly, sugar is high in calories which can lead to weight gain and further health problems. Secondly, research by a University of California team has found that sugar is as damaging to your body and as addictive as both alcohol and cigarettes. If that’s not enough to put you off, bear in mind that sugar is also a leading cause of skin ageing. When blood sugar levels are high a process called glycation occurs which damages the collagen in your skin. Once damaged, the collagen hardens, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Organic skincare

Once a fairly niche concept, organic and natural skin products are now seemingly everywhere, from the high street to online stores and the pages of glossy magazines. However, this health and beauty trend is more than just a fad. Using chemical-based skin products cannot only irritate the skin and lead to premature ageing, they can also be bad for your health, as many products are found to contain potentially harmful and carcinogenic chemicals that are transmitted through the skin and into the blood stream.

Mobile fitness classes

Years ago we had to fork out for expensive memberships, leave our comfy homes and trot along to the gym if we fancied taking part in a fitness class. These days, you can get a fitness class workout without stepping foot out your door. Although exercise videos and DVDs have been around for decades, taking part in the same workout routines and listening to the same lines over and over can soon get dull. However, thanks to new technology you can now stream live fitness classes to your laptop, iPhone or iPad, so you join in the class as it happens, all from the comfort of your home.

Health & fitness apps

Not only has technology provided us with an excellent way to get fit from home, it has also supplied us with fitness apps, which have revolutionised many of our workouts and healthy living regimes. With the help of a handy app on your mobile, you can now keep track of everything from your exercise to your eating habits and get tonnes of advice at the same time. While some of these apps may cost, many of them are free, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on nutritional advice. Just search for free health and fitness apps from your smart-phone and you’re good to go!

Herbal tea

While not a new trend, sales of green and herbal teas have continued to soar in recent years, with supermarkets, tea rooms and coffee shops now stocking a wide variety of different flavors of tea. As well as offering a tasty alternative to coffee, tea and sugary drinks, herbal teas also offer a great array of health benefits. Green tea is a good source of antioxidants which can help to prevent disease and premature ageing, while herbal teas can help with various health conditions such as digestive problems, anxiety and skin complaints.

Playful workouts

According to a survey by the American Cancer Society, 40 per cent of women would exercise more if it felt less of a chore. The good news, is exercise need not be a chore if you jump on the fun fitness trend! Happily, in the last few years gyms and health clubs have latched on to this concept and brought out a range of fitness classes that feel more like reliving your childhood games than working out. Some such classes include hula hooping, cheerobics (cheerleading combined with aerobics) and ballet-inspired workouts. If you don’t feel like working out in public, you can take this trend home and invest in a trampoline, skipping rope or hula hoop for a playful yet effective workout.

Health-boosting drinks

If tea is not your thing, you can still quench your thirst and improve your wellbeing at the same time with a health-boosting cold drink. For a low calorie alternative to soft drinks, try sipping on some coconut water, which is ultra-hydrating and ideal after a workout due to its levels of essential electrolytes including calcium, potassium and magnesium. Alternatively, for an energy lift try a natural drink containing energy-boosting herbs such as guarana, ginseng and green tea.


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