10 inspirational healthy tweeters to follow

Healthy inspiration for your Twitter feed

Did you know using Twitter to tell people about your health and fitness progress was found to boost weight loss in a study carried out at the University of South Carolina? As if that wasn’t good enough already, there’s also a whole host of inspirational tweeters out there that will give you that extra push – here’s 10 of the best.

Joe Dowdell


Trainer to the stars (Eva Mendes, Anne Hathaway and Gerard Butler all have him to thank for their killer bods), Joe Dowdell is an encyclopaedia of fitness info and workout tricks. Follow him on Twitter for daily health tips, motivation, and a look behind the science of being fit.

Dina Lindquist


The world of nutrition can be a confusing one, so add an expert dietician to your Twitter feed to guide you through. Dina knows her stuff, and scours the internet for the latest healthy food stories so you don’t have to. She also knows a thing or two herself, and will have you eating healthier in no time.

Fitness Motivator


We’re a big believer in the power of inspirational quotes when it comes to boosting your health and fitness progress. Fitness Motivator tweets a motivational healthy quote every hour or so, and goes way beyond the clichéd quotes you’ll have seen a million times before. With gems like ‘train like your stronger fitter evil twin is plotting to kill you’, how can you not follow?

Fitness Motivation Pics


If the inspirational quotes don’t do it for you, it’s time to add a bit of visual stimulation to your feed. There’s nothing quite like a rock hard set of abs or perfectly toned pair of legs to get you off your butt and into exercise mode. Fitness Motivation Pics posts inspirational fitness pictures that will have you setting new goals and getting in shape in no time.

Tony Horton


Tony Horton is the inventor of super-tough workout program P90X, so he knows a thing or two about what it takes to get the perfect body. As well as exercise tips, Tony is a firm believer in beating food addictions, and will make you feel extremely guilty about that cupcake you sneakily had last night.

Marion Nestle


Marion Nestle (nothing to do with the snack company thankfully) is the head professor of Nutrition and Food Studies at New York University, so following her is like getting free 140 character-long expert lectures every day! Her years of experience in the industry mean Marion knows more than we thought possible about healthy eating, and she’s happy to share that knowledge with her followers every day.

Gabrielle Bernstein


The first step to getting a healthy body is ensuring you have a healthy mind. Gabby specialises in just that, with tweets that will give you a positive outlook on life. Everyone’s Twitter feed will benefit from this kind of positivity, so give her a follow and prepare to start smiling.

Robb Wolf


Robb Wolf is a former bio-chemist and self professed nutrition geek. This is a must follow Twitter account if you’re looking for healthy inspiration, because Robb is renowned for using his scientific know-how to cut through the rumours and myths that surround weight loss and fitness. He also coaches Olympic weight lifters and mixed martial arts champions, so he knows how to handle the tough side of fitness as well.

Michael Phelps


When someone makes winning Olympic medals look easy you know they’re special. Undeniably one of the greatest athletes of all time, Michael Phelps has since retired from swimming (a comeback is rumoured though), but still retains the will to succeed and be the best he can be. His Twitter feed provides an inspirational look into his day to day life, as well as retweets from the world of swimming.



And last but very much not least, we have our wonderful selves! Now we’re not usually a fan of blowing our own trumpet, but when it comes to healthy living and fitness tips on Twitter we like to think we can’t be beat. We’ll fill your feed with fitness tips, healthy recipes, motivational quotes, and great posts from our celebrity bloggers.


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