10 reasons why an eBike will change your life

Why you should invest in an eBike

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eBikes or battery-assisted cycling could well be the next big revolution in cycling. After all, it’s a huge market in Europe and is catching on fast in the UK.

Here are 10 top reasons why we think eBikes will change your transport habits for the better:

 10 reasons why an eBike will change your life

Hills and headwinds

This is the obvious one! Electric bikes will help you climb hills that would normally stop you, or severely slow you down. Headwinds; what headwinds? This in turn means you can go further than you would on a conventional bike and with far less effort.

A 'Sticky' situation

It is a known fact that a bicycle is the most efficient way to travel. But no-one wants to arrive at their destination all sticky and sweaty. Electric bikes allow you to cover greater distances. Yet despite going further, you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and there is no need to hop in the shower once you arrive.

Health and fitness

It is a common misconception that electric bikes are “cheating”. In fact it is quite the opposite. Using power assistance means that you can now go further. Yes, you are getting assistance, but you are able to cycle for longer and you are therefore getting a prolonged period of exercise. Also because electric biking is a far more enjoyable experience, the bikes are used far more regularly.

Road safety

On an electric bike you are able to maintain a more constant speed and therefore you are less of a risk to other road users. You won't slow down as much on hills and that means you’ll have less wobbly moments. Electric assistance gives you confidence at roundabouts and junctions too; these are the times when a cyclist is at their most vulnerable.

10 reasons why an eBike will change your life

Cheap to run

Okay, so the initial purchase will cost the same as a mid-range road or mountain bike, but look at the bigger picture. Once you have purchased the bike, the running costs (even if you include a replacement battery every four to five years and regular servicing) are minimal compared to public transport or a car. If you buy an electronic bike you will also avoid paying to use toll roads, parking and road tax.


Using a bicycle is far better for the environment than using a car, but an electric bike it is far more versatile than a standard bicycle and is therefore even better for the environment. One less car on the road means less traffic and less pollution.

Faster travel

This will depend on the journey of course, but on average town or city commutes are faster by electric bike. Cycle lanes help you avoid traffic, plus there are lots of shortcuts you can take that you can’t take advantage of when you drive. Try using your electric bike to find alternative traffic-free routes home. You could cycle through a park, forest track, canal towpath or heath land.

10 reasons why an eBike will change your life

Dynamo lights

Most modern eBikes now come with dynamo lights on the front and back. This means you’ll never have to worry about your battery lights running out mid-journey and having to get home in the dark.

Carrying a load

Buy an eBike equipped with a pannier rack and you won’t have to worry about carrying loads. Shopping, school books, change of clothes; you name it, your eBike will take the strain, leaving you free to coast along unhindered.

Extreme eBiking

With the advancements in eBike technology, bikes are becoming a lot more versatile. Get your bike equipped with some front and back suspension and rugged 26” tyres and you’ll be able to take it mountain biking and enjoy the adrenaline rush and speed of off-road riding.

 For more information about finding the the right eBike for you, go to: http://www.raleighebike.co.uk/


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